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Advanced Behavior

Advanced Behavior enables you to configure more complex billing scenarios. You can either use seasonal billing, or configure CashBox to repeat billing periods in specific ways.  

With seasonal billing, you can bill and entitle during a specific season and not at other times of the year. When you attach a Season Set to a billing plan, billing occurs only during the period of that season set. By default, entitlements will also be for the season only, although you can extend them for specific numbers of days before and after the season. Or you can grant them for the entire year. 

To enable seasonal billing for a billing plan, you must first create the season set. You can then apply it to the billing plan by toggling the Use a Season Set button to Yes, then select it from the Season Sets dropdown menu. 

Use the following fields to configure the Advanced Behavior of a Billing Plan.

Use a Season Set (No/Yes)
  • If you select No (the default), complete the following fields:

Repeat Billing Plan:

Forever—Repeat each billing plan in a continuous loop. 

Times—Specify the number of times to repeat the set of billing periods.  

If Times is more than 1 an additional dialog will let you specify how frequently to repeat the set of periods.

Repeat Billing Plan EverySpecify how often to repeat the set of billing periods.

An example of use might be if you want to bill for the first 3 months of every year for 5 years you would create a monthly billing period 3 times, repeat the plan 5 times and Repeat Billing Plan Every Year. 

Type of Entitlement:

You can uncouple the entitlement from the billing period using custom entitlements. 

Standard—Entitlement is active for the duration of the billing period.

Custom—Select Forever to allow entitlements to always be granted, or specify the duration for the entitlement to be granted.  This will grant entitlements based on this schedule and ignore the billing periods. 

  • If you select Yes, complete the following fields:

Season Sets—Select (or remove) a pre-configured season set from the Season Sets dropdown menu, then complete the following fields:

Active—Specify the number of days before and/or after the season for the entitlements to be active. 

Grant Entitlements Through Offseason—Grants entitlements continuously.