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You configure seasonal billing and entitlement schedules in this pane of the billing plan. 

Seasonal Billing allows you to create Subscriptions in which Entitlements are active during a defined time-frame, and inactive at other times. With a Season Set, a Subscription can bill and renew according to one schedule, while granting entitlements only during defined Seasons (which can differ from the billing schedule). For example, a Subscription might bill twice, in September and October, but grant Entitlements for the entirety of football season, September to December.

Seasonal Billing Plans allow you to separate the timing of a Subscription's payment schedule from the Entitlements the AutoBill activates.

Seasonal Billing Plans allow you to create Subscriptions for which Entitlements are active during a defined time-frame, and inactive at other times, while the AutoBill bills and renews according to a different schedule.

To enable Seasonal Billing Plans, you must first create Season Sets, which can then apply to the Billing Periods. Seasons are simply a description of a seasonal activity, with a start and end date. You can have Season Sets repeat annually.

Use the following fields to configure the Behavior of a Billing Plan:

Use a Season Set

Click Yes to add or remove a Season Set.

Season Sets—Add or remove Season Sets, the select:

Active—Set the number of days before and after the Season Set you want the Subscription to be active. 

Grant Entitlements Through Offseason—The default. 

Skip the initial Billing Notification

Click Yes if you do not want to receive a notification of the initial billing.