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Billing Periods

This pane shows information about the Billing Periods associated with the Subscription. 

Billing Periods allow you to set the number of days, months, or years in the billing cycle, specify the number of times the billing cycle will repeat, indicate whether an email notification is sent prior to the next billing date, and whether an expiration notice is sent prior to termination of a free trial period, and set the cost of each billing cycle in a variety of currencies or Token Types.

When creating a new Billing Plan, you must define at least one Billing Period for the Plan.

A Billing Period defines billing rules within a Billing Plan. For example, if you want to offer customers a free 30-day trial period, followed by a full price, renewable monthly subscription, define two Billing Periods on a single Billing Plan. The first Billing Period grants free Product access for 30 days. The second Billing Period grants one month access, paid each month, and repeats indefinitely.

You can add as many Billing Periods to a Billing Plan as you want. Billing Periods are active sequentially, according to the order in which they appear in the Billing Plan. The first Billing Period takes effect when you activate the Subscription, and remains in effect until it completes its defined number of cycles, after which the next Billing Period becomes active.