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Vindicia Knowledgebase


Use Filters to refine your search. 

Complete at least one field. If you filter by multiple fields, bear in mind that the search is inclusive—that is, if you specify an ID and a Status, the search will only return results that contain both the ID AND the Status you entered. 

Fields in which you type a value are matched exactly. A search for customer Will Johnson, for example, will not return return records for William Johnson. 

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) use "fuzzy" logic. Anything you type into these fields is interpreted as if you had placed a wildcard character (*) before and after the characters you type. For example, if in an ID field you type 123, this is interpreted as *123*. This search will return all records whose ID contains the characters 123 at any position in the string. It would return the following IDs: 123abcdef, abc123def, abcdef123, and all other possible permutations.

Click Apply to execute your search. 

Click Reset to clear your filter parameters.