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Cancel Reason

When you stop (cancel) a Subscription, you can indicate the reason for the cancelation by applying one of the Predefined Merchant Codes. If none of the predefined cancel reasons meets your needs, you can create your own Custom-Defined Merchant Codes.

CashBox supports three kinds of cancel reasons:

• CashBox Reserved Codes—codes (0 through 99—currently only 0 through 5 are used) predefined by Vindicia and used by CashBox to cancel or terminate a subscription

• Predefined Merchant Codes—commonly used codes (100 through 999—currently only 100 through 107 are used) predefined by Vindicia that you can apply to Subscriptions you cancel

• Custom-Defined Merchant Codes—codes (1000 and above) that you can define and submit in advance, and use when you cancel Subscriptions. Custom cancel reason codes you define can be an alphanumeric string of up to 15 characters—for example: 1001 or N500 or End_Refund.The description can be a string of up to 255 characters. All custom cancel reason codes must be unique.

The Cancel Reasons page displays your Cancel Reasons by Reason Code and Description.

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