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Credit Activity

CashBox allows you to allocate Credits to Accounts, AutoBills, and Products. Credits can be Token, time, currency, or Gift Card based, and can be managed through their time stamp, VID, or Sort Order.

When a transaction is processed using Tokens or currency, CashBox automatically deducts available Credits of the same type from the corresponding AutoBill or Account before billing the designated Payment Method for the remaining balance. When Time Credit is allocated to an AutoBill, the AutoBill’s billing process is delayed by the amount of time granted.

Credit Activity displays your currency, time and token credit activity for all your customers.  Each credit made in Cashbox is displayed here with the below information.  You can select the Customer ID to drill down into that customer.

You can add Credits to a Customer or Subscription using the CashBox Portal grant credit functionality from the Customer or Subscription pages. 

Created Date 

The date of the credit. 

Credit Type 

The credit type involved in the activity: Time, Token, Currency, or Gift Card

Activity Type 

The activity type for this credit. 

  • Consumption: the Credit was used toward a one-time or recurring Transaction.
  • Gift Card Redemption: the Credit was added as a result of a Gift Card Redemption.
  • Gift Card Reversal: the Credit was removed due to the reversal of a previously redeemed Gift Card.
  • Gift Card Status Inquiry: If this is the activity type the return statuses are:
    • Active: the Gift Card is available for redemption.
    • Deactive: the Gift Card has been rejected by the payment processor; the Gift Card redemption was unsuccessful; or the Gift Card has been redeemed, and your redemption reversal was unsuccessful.
    • Redemption Pending: the Gift Card redemption is in process with the payment processor.
    • Unknown: CashBox cannot determine the status of the GiftCard. Either CashBox could not contact the Payment Processor, or it could not interpret the response from the Payment Processor.
  • Grant: the Credit was added as the result of a manual Credit Grant.
  • Refund: the Credit was added as the result of a refund to a credit based Transaction.
  • Revocation: the credit was manually revoked.

The currency or token type of the listed credit activity.


The amount of the listed credit activity. 


The credit balance left after the listed activity. When granting a credit, the Amount and Balance fields will be equal. When the credit or part of the credit is used towards a billing transaction, the values of Amount and Balance change accordingly. 

Subscription ID 

The subscription ID to which the listed activity applies (if made on a subscription).


The Customer Name to which the listed activity applies.  Selecting the Customer will drill down to the customer details page.