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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Credit Activity

CashBox allows you to allocate Credits to Accounts, AutoBills, and Products. Credits can be Token, time, currency, or Gift Card based, and can be managed through their time stamp, VID, or Sort Order.

When a transaction is processed using Tokens or currency, CashBox automatically deducts available Credits of the same type from the corresponding AutoBill or Account before billing the designated Payment Method for the remaining balance. When Time Credit is allocated to an AutoBill, the AutoBill’s billing process is delayed by the amount of time granted.

You can add Credits to an Account or AutoBill using the CashBox Portal. (CashBox currently supports Gift Cards issued by InComm. Before accepting Gift Cards from your customers, you must first establish a working relationship with InComm, who will help you define your Gift Card parameters, including their redemption PINs.)