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Vindicia Knowledge Center


Customer ID

The Customer ID to which the listed activity applies.


The Customer Name to which the listed activity applies.

Subscription ID

The subscription (AutoBill) ID to which the listed activity applies.

Subscription Rebill Name



The amount of the listed credit activity. 


The credit balance left after the listed activity. When granting a credit, the Amount and Balance fields will be equal. When the credit or part of the credit is used towards a billing transaction, the values of Amount and Balance change accordingly. 


The transaction ID of the listed activity. 


The date the listed activity occurred.

Activity Type

The activity type listed: Consumption, Gift Card Redemption, Gift Card Reversal, Grant, Refund, or Revocation. 

Credit Type

The credit type involved in the activity: Time, Token, Currency, or Gift Card. 

Gift Card SKU

The gift card SKU for the listed activity. 

Gift Card Status

The current status of the gift card.

  • Active: the gift card is available for redemption.
  • Deactive: the gift card has been rejected by the payment processor; the gift card redemption was unsuccessful; the gift card has been redeemed and you redemption reversal was successful. 
  • Redemption Pending: the gift card redemption is being processed by the payment processor.
  • Unknown: CashBox cannot determine the status of the gift card. This means that either CashBox could not contact the payment processor, or that it could not interpret its response.

The note added when the credit was granted or revoked.