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Entitlements are goods and  services available to a customer based on a purchase or free offer. You can grant Entitlements to Products or Billing Plans. You can also use Billing Plans to customize the duration of an Entitlement grant in relation to the AutoBill.

Use the Billing Periods pane in the Billing Plan to change the duration of Entitlement grants in relation to the Billing Plan. By default, Entitlements are active while the AutoBill is successfully billing. This option in the Billing Periods pane allows you to extend Entitlement grants beyond the duration of the Billing Period and, in some instances therefore, beyond the duration of the AutoBill.

For Billing Plans with a finite number of Billing Period repetitions, and without an associated Season Set, you can specify that Entitlements be active for a period greater than the duration of the Billing Plan.

For most AutoBills, Entitlements are Active while the AutoBill is in good standing. For AutoBills that include a Season Set as part of their Billing Plan, the period during which Entitlements are Active is defined by the Season Set on the Billing Plan, and may not coincide with the duration of the AutoBill.

Adding an Entitlement to a Billing Plan or Product allows you define the goods or services represented by the Product or Billing Plan. You can create new entitlements and assign or remove existing entitlements using the Entitlements pane that appears on both the Create New and the Edit Product and Billing Plan pages.

To view entitlements associated with a Billing Plan, go to Manage Catalog > Entitlements. Double-click an entitlements to view it.  

Click Edit or Create New to grant entitlements to Products and Billing Plans.

Use the following fields to manage Entitlements. 

Select Entitlement

Select or remove an entitlement from the dropdown box.

Create new entitlement

ID—Enter a unique ID for the 


Enter a descriptive phrase for the Entitlement.