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Vindicia Knowledge Center

My Reports

The My Reports page shows you both your one-time reports and your scheduled reports.  Select One-Time or Recurring to toggle between the two.  Use the Run Reports section to schedule or run a one-time report.  

One Time Reports

On the One time reports page each of the reports you have run will be listed.  The Name and Description of the report.  The Date you ran the report.  The Date Range for which the report was run for and the status (Completed or Queued).  Once the report is completed it is available for download as a CSV file. The icon on the far right of the page will no longer be grayed out and by clicking on it, you will start the download process. 

Recurring Reports

The recurring report page also lists each report you have scheduled to run with the Name, Description, Date Run, Date Range for the report and Status.  In this case the status would be Completed, Stopped or Scheduled.  In addition the Schedule information is available too.  The frequency (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) , the day of the week or day of month it is scheduled to run and the status of the schedule (Active or Stopped).  If you stop a scheduled report it will still be visible so you can have access to the reports that were run while it was active.  The most recent three reports will be displayed under each report schedule and you can select see all to see the entire list.  Select My Reports to go back to the full list of scheduled reports. If the report is ready for download the icon to the far right will no longer be grayed out and by clicking on it, you will start the download process. 

If you want to run a new one time report or set up another report schedule select the Run Reports button in the top right or select Run Reports from the insights menu.