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A Product describes an item or service offered for purchase.

A Product can be a single item, or it can be a bundled collection of multiple products. For example, a Product can be a monthly magazine subscription, or it might include a monthly subscription, a new customer gift, and a one-time purchase. 

A Product can be billed at a set price, or it can be billed using a Rate Plan. For example, a set price Product would allow access to online content for the monthly fee of $12.95. A Rated Product might offer the first 100 minutes of use at $.06 per minute, the second 100 minutes at $.05 per minute, and anything over 200 minutes at $.03.

Use CashBox to create or to search for Products, and edit or manage existing Products.

The Products page displays your products by ID and Description, Status, Pricing, Created Date, End Date, and Entitlements (number of entitlements this product grants). You can search for products by any of these key words, or click the Show Filters button to refine your search.