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Product Name

A unique value to distinguish this Product from all others in your system. (Product SKUs are often used as the Product ID.)

Billing Statement ID

A merchant-specified, payment processor-specific identifier that is sent with Transactions generated using this Product. The payment processor uses this value to determine the text displayed on the customer's credit card statement associated with the transaction. Enter a value for the Billing Statement ID only if you and your payment processor have agreed upon one. If you and your payment processor do not establish an ID, leave this field blank.

Do not change this value after you assign it unless requested to do so by your payment processor. 

Note: Merchants who use GlobalCollect, MeS, Litle & Co. or Chase Paymentech for payment processing may use this field to provide payment processor-specific information. 

Tax Classification

If you use Avalara AvaTax, enter your tax code in the text box. If you use Vindicia Tax, select a Tax Classification from the dropdown list.

CashBox uses the Tax Classification field, with nexus and tax rules provided during implementation, to calculate applicable taxes for your Product.

The tax categories for products include the following:

  • Downloadable Electronic Data
  • Downloadable Executable Software
  • Other Taxable
  • Physical Goods
  • Service
  • TaxExempt

CashBox uses the Tax Classification field, coupled with merchant nexus and tax rules (provided during implementation), to calculate appropriate taxes, if any. If the Tax Classifications provided do not meet your needs, contact Vindicia Client Services to create custom definitions. 


Toggle to activate or deactivate the Product offer at your online store. (Use the CashBox API to access the Product Active field to determine whether to make a Product available for sale.)

End Date

Specify the date to withdraw the Product offer from your online store. (Use the CashBox API to access the End of Life field to specify when to end a Product’s availability.)

Default Billing Plan

Select a Billing Plan to be the default for the Product from the dropdown list.

Use this field to specify the recommended Billing Plan for use with a Product when creating an Subscription. If you do not want to specify a default Plan, leave this menu set to No Default Plan Selected.