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A unique merchant-defined ID assigned to the Product. This value is often the product SKU (stock-keeping unit).

Statement ID

The merchant-specified, payment processor-specific identifier that is sent with Transactions generated using this Product. The payment processor uses this value to determine  the text that is displayed on the customer's credit card statement associated with the transaction. 

Billing Plan

Billing plan associated with this product. 

Created On

The date the product becomes available at your online store.

End Date

The date after which the product is no longer on offer at your online store.

Tax Classification

The tax category for the Product. Options include:

  • Downloadable Electronic Data
  • Downloadable Executable Software
  • Other Taxable
  • Physical Goods
  • Service
  • TaxExempt

CashBox uses the Tax Classification field, coupled with merchant nexus and tax rules (provided during implementation), to calculate appropriate taxes, if any.