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Campaign Redemptions

The Campaign Redemptions by Time report lists Campaign redemptions, including both the Code redemption and the Transaction processing dates. This report allows you to evaluate the progress of your Campaigns, including the number of Campaign Codes redeemed by day and by product, and the resultant income and discount amounts.

This report lists both the date on which the Campaign Code was redeemed, and the date on which the Billing Transaction was processed, allowing you to track your campaign both by customer response time, and by revenue capture date.

Enter desired parameters and click Submit to generate the repiort. 


Display Columns





Redemption Date

The date the Campaign Code was redeemed.

Revenue Date

The date the listed Transaction was captured.


The Product to which the Campaign Code was applied.

Redemption #

The number of Campaign Codes redeemed on the date listed.

Redemption Rate

The percentage of existing Campaign Codes redeemed.


The gross realized discount.


The currency value of the discount.


The currency selected for the Campaign.