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Chargeback Changes: Spreadsheet Download

The Chargeback Spreadsheet (also referred to as the "Delta Since Report") lists all chargebacks received during the specified time frame, as well as any status changes that may have been made to existing chargebacks.

For Filtering, select Display only terminal status to show only Chargebacks for which the status is final. A Chargeback with a terminal status is always one of the following:

  • Legitimate fraud: The Chargeback is due to legitimate fraud.
  • Legitimate other: The Chargeback is due to a business error or a problem with the product or service.
  • Pass: Vindicia cannot dispute the Chargeback for one of the following reasons:
  • The amount is less than $5.00.
  • The AVS data is missing, or the AVS data is rated I7 or I8.
  • Vindicia has accepted the second chargeback (sometimes called the “pre-arbitration”).
  • There is not enough data to win the challenge.
  • Expired: Vindicia did not receive all of the transaction data in time to dispute the chargeback before it expired at the payment processor level.
  • Lost: Vindicia challenged the Chargeback and lost.
  • Won: Vindicia challenged the Chargeback and won. (The Chargeback is in terminal status 90 days after the processor receives the Chargeback).
  • Appealed: The Chargeback was won, but the cardholder or issuing bank appealed the chargeback; or, the issuing bank reversed an error or decision.

For Download Format, choose from the following options:

  • Select whether the results should be returned as a Comma Delimited or Excel file.
  • If you create a report for a large date range, select Compress download with zip to compress your returned file's size.

Click Download File to open the standard Save As… dialog, and download your results.

Open the file or save it for future use.

Display columns



Transaction ID

The unique identifier assigned to the transaction.

User ID

The unique identifier assigned to the customer.


The amount and currency of the original transaction.

Chargeback Amount

The amount and currency of the chargeback.

Reason Code

The reason code associated with the chargeback from the Payment Processor.

Case Number

Identifier for the chargeback assigned by your Payment Processor.

Reference Number

Optional. Used by some processors as a secondary identifier.

Merchant Number

Your company's unique identifier with the Payment Processor.

Transaction Date Time

The date and time the original transaction occurred.

Processor Received Date Time

The date that the chargeback was acknowledged by your Payment Processor.

Posted Date Time

The date and time the chargeback was received by Vindicia and entered into the system.

Status Changed Date Time

The date and time the status of the chargeback was changed. If the chargeback is new, this field is identical to the "Posted Date Time" field.

Chargeback Status

The current status of the chargeback. See Table 12-3: Chargeback Status Definitions in Chapter 12: Chargebacks.


Any additional information concerning the chargeback that may have been noted by Vindicia Client Representatives.