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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Decline Recovery Report

The Decline Recovery report enables you to determine the effectiveness of your retry strategies. Using provided Start/End dates to establish a cohort of original recurring billing attempts, the Decline Recovery Report tracks their results to-date, as of Run Date, based on the initial failing response code. 

You can schedule this report (CSV format) and be notified when they are completed, or run the report on-demand (CSV or HTML format).

Enter the desired parameters and click Submit to generate the report.

Display Columns

Report Run Date

Date the report is run.

Report Start Date Start date of the report period.
Report End Date End date of the report period.


Currency of the transaction.

Initial Response Code

Response code for initial billing attempt.

Initial Billing Amount

Amount of initial billing attempt, in the specified currency. (May not always be present.) 

Starting Count

The number of individual transaction items for which this billing was declined.

Overall Recovery Rate

The percentage recovered of the total cost of all items in this billing attempt.

Overall Recovery Amount

The amount of money recovered, in the specified currency.

Retry(n) Success The success, measured in the number of individual items for which payment was received on this retry. For example, if Starting Count is 2 and Retry(1) Success is 1, this means one of two items was successfully billed. Retry(1) Failure will be 1, and Retry Recovery Rate will be 50%. 
Retry(n) Failure

The number of individual items this billing attempt failed to recover. For example, if Starting Count is 3 and Retry(1) Failure is 1, this means one of three items was successfully billed. Retry(1) Success will be 1 and Retry(1) Recovery Rate will be 33%.

Retry(n) Recovery Rate The percentage of money recovered in this retry.