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Deferred Income Summary

This report lists earned and outstanding income for the selected month. Use this report to determine what income can be recognized, and what income should be considered outstanding (in case of plan cancelation or refund), for Transactions associated with Subscriptions that have Billing Plan cycles longer than 1 month. Earned and Liable totals deferred per billing plan are only pertinent to billing periods that span more than one month.

All rows are displayed in results, subtotaled by Billing Plan (Tier) for Count, Earned, Liable and Total.

Enter a date, and click Submit to generate the report.


Display Columns




Billing Plan Description.


Month containing earned income relative to report date.


Number of Subscriptions with billing cycle > 1 month which had Transactions captured in the month.


Total revenue that can be considered bookable.

(amount collected / # of months in the period) * (months outstanding) * count


Total revenue that can be considered outstanding.

(amount collected / # of months in the period) * (months remaining) * count


Total revenue collected (earned + liable).