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Renewal Performance Report

This report shows the renewal rate of subscriptions by BillingPlan, and Primary Product for a given period. The report includes details for the number of Expected Renewals, Successful Renewals, Scheduled or Pending Retries and the Renewal Rate per Period for Billing Plan and Primary Product. This report can be run for a past, present, or future period.

Enter desired parameters and click Submit to run the report. 


Display Columns





Merchant Plan Identifier for the qualifying Billing Plan—must have one or more subscriptions within the calendar month or months of the Period.


Primary Product (SKU) associated with the subscription.


Calendar month or group of months for which data is shown.

Expected Renewals

The number of expected renewals for a given BillingPlan-Primary Product pair for a given period.

Successful Renewals

The number of expected renewals that were successfully billed.

Scheduled or Pending Retry

The number of expected Renewals that are scheduled to be billed or are in Retry.

Renewal Rate

The number of Successful Renewals divided by the number of Expected Renewals.