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Active Subscriptions


Enter a date range, enter an email address to be notified when the report is complete, and select an Affiliate.

The report is grouped by Affiliate, with a Summary for each grouping and a Grand Summary at the bottom of the report. Both are total summaries of days grouped by Product Id.

Expand Display Columns and select the columns you want to appear in the report, then click Submit


Display Columns




Start Date

The first day of the specified date range, if the Subscription was active for the Account on that date. Otherwise, the Start Date will be the date the Subscription was activated within that date range.

End Date

The last day of the specified date range if the Subscription was active on that date. Otherwise, the end date will be the date that the Subscription stopped being active within that date range.

Number of Days

The total number of days that this Subscription was active within the specified date range.

Account VID

A globally unique identifier that is created by CashBox when you create an Account in the CashBox database.

Account ID

Merchant Account ID.

Subscription ID

The unique identifier that describes the terms of a customer's recurring payments to a product or service.

Subscription Status

The current Status for the Subscription. Values include:

• Deferred

• Good Standing

• Hard Error

• New

• Soft Error

• Stopped

• Pending

• Upgraded

• PendingCustomerAction

Note: This field represents the Subscription's Billing Status, not its Entitlements’ status.

Product ID

The Product ID from the customer's Subscription, or as specified in the Transaction.