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Billing Attempt Summary

This report lists billing attempt status for Subscriptions during the selected time period, aggregated by Product, Affiliate, and Currency. It lists total billing attempts, and summarizes successful and failed attempts with the total amount billed. It specifies first, second, and subsequent billing attempts.

This report can be used to determine whether retry attempts for soft failures, and using card updater, result in increased payment capture, and are therefore cost effective when compared with the fees associated with retries.

To determine success rate without retries (CashBox payment capture):

Divide (First Attempt Billing: Successful Attempts) by (First Attempt: Sub Total First Billing).

To determine CashBox uplift:

Divide (Total successful billings - Total successful first attempts) by (Total first attempts).

Enter a date range and other preferences, expand Display Columns and select the columns you want to appear in the report, then click Submit


Display Columns  




Product ID

Product ID from the customer's AutoBill.

Product Name

Product Description from the customer's AutoBill.

Affiliate ID

The Affiliate listed on the customer's AutoBill.


Currency of Transaction.

Total Billings

Every billing attempt made.

Total Successful Billings

Attempts that resulted in successful payments.

Total Failed Billings

Attempts that resulted in Hard Fail or Soft Fail reason codes.

Total Billings Attempts

All attempts made during period specified (initial and retries; success and failures).

First Attempt Billings

Initial attempts (success and failures).

Second Attempt Billings

Second attempt (retries for failures from initial attempt).

Subsequent Attempt Billings

All other attempts (retries for failures from second attempt and any additional - if merchant has specified additional retries).


Count of attempts.


Total billed for attempts.


The Total for the listed Product’s results.


The Total for all listed Product’s results.