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Custom Season Set Data

Use the Custom Data pane to create and add custom information to your CashBox system. 

Custom Data is stored in CashBox as a pair of matched text strings, called name-value pairs. You can assign custom data to Billing Plans, Rate Plans, Products, Season Sets, Subscription and Accounts, each of which is associated with its own Custom Data list. For each of these Objects, CashBox stores a list of Names, which you associate with text string Values. You can use name-value pairs to help you categorize and sort aspects of your system.

For example, use Name to define a category, and Value to define a specific item in that category. For instance, you might use name-value pairs to track your sales teams. Define a name-value pair with Office as the Name and the city in which the office is located as the Value. Define a second name-value pair with Name as Salespeople, and set Value to the name of a specific salesperson. Assign name-value pairs Office-New York and Salesperson-WLoman to Billing Plans to sort or search those plans both by the office in
which they originated, and the salesperson responsible for the account

Note that both the Name and the Value components of a name-value pair are limited to 255 characters each. If you create a custom name-value pair in which one or both components exceeds the 255 character limit, CashBox will return a 400-series error code, to ensure that your data is not lost without warning.

Use the Custom Billing Plan Data pane to create and associate custom name-value pairs with your Billing Plans. These can be used to search or sort Reports, or for internal tracking processes.

Use the following fields to create or edit name-value pairs:

  • Name—use this field to define a category.
  • Value—use this field to define a specific item in that category.