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In CashBox, a customer subscription is managed through a subscription. A subscription combines at a minimum a customer account, a product, and a billing plan. The subscription automates billing notifications and recurring billing over the life of the subscription. Subscriptions generate and submit transactions to payment processors, and the resulting transactions, related amounts, status, currencies, and other data are displayed in the transaction, chargeback, and account views to which they apply. Results can be referenced in reports, and in email notifications you send to your customers.

The Subscription List displays the subscription ID, description, customer name, start date, end gate, status of the subscription and the billing status of the account. 

Selecting the Subscription ID provides details of the subscription, selecting the customer Name provides details of the customer account . 

The Actions sidebar allows you to edit or disable a subscription.  Edit takes you to the edit page where you can make changes to the subscription. Disable will pop up a dialog to allow you to cancel a subscription.  


Note: As with any changes you make using the CashBox Portal, ensure that your local integration supports receipt of those changes. For more information on integrating your custom applications with CashBox, see the API reference or the Push Notifications reference. 

Subscription Line Items

CashBox supports multiple products on subscriptions. You can add or remove products from a subscription at any time. If you add or remove products in the middle of a billing cycle with the ProRate option selected, CashBox determines the prorated amount to charge or refund based on the point in the billing cycle and the effective/billing dates of the subscription.

Multiple items on the same subscription will bill at the same time, and will appear as one accumulated charge against the customer's payment method.

Products can be single items or product bundles, and can appear multiple times on a single subscription for any billing period.

You can add products to a subscription for multiple billing cycles, or add them permanently, and assign start dates that do not correspond to any billing cycle. You can remove products just for the current billing cycle only, or remove them permanently.

For items that can be sold in multiples, use the Quantity field to indicate how many of that individual item are being purchased. For recurring items (pre-paid), the the individual item product price will be multiplied by the quantity value to determine the total recurring charge. For license-based items (rated, pre-paid products), the quantity value will be used with the appropriate rate plan tier structure to determine the charge. Do not use the quantity field for usage-based items (rated, post-paid products).

The Subscription page displays your subscriptions by ID and Description, Customer, Start Date, End Date, Status, and Billing State. You can search for subscriptions by any of these key words, or click the Show Filters button to refine your search.