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Vindicia Knowledge Center



The Product ID.

Products are listed in the order in which they are added to the Subscription.

Note: The first Product listed is considered the Primary Product for the Subscription. It is the Product associated with the Subscription in the CashBox Dashboards and Reports.


Merchant Subscription Item ID. 


The number of units of a product that can be purchased in multiples. CashBox uses this number to determine the cost of the item to the customer. For license-based rated products, Quantity indicates the license count.

Campaign Code

There are two Campaign Code fields in the Subscription Items pane for the Subscription. The field at the top of the pane applies the Campaign discount to all Products listed. The fields embedded within the Product information areas apply the discount only to the listed Product

Override Pricing Defaults

Let's you override the set price for a product or products and set an OVERRIDE Price. 

Update option

Select a product to add to this Subscription Item, or select productConditionShow and select whether to charge the customer the prorated amount with the next billing, or immediately. 


Start Date

The date the Product was, or will be active on the AutoBill.


The number of Billing Cycles the Product is to be included in the Subscription. Select Unlimited, or specify the number of cycles (Times).

Cycles Left

The number of cycles left for this Subscription Item.