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Subscription Items are the ingredients in a subscription that govern what products and services are provided to the customer.  When editing a subscription you can add products, remove products or change active products.  When creating a new subscription select the products that are going to make up this subscription. Keep in mind that if you are making adjustments to products mid cycle you must indicate when the product takes effect and if proration must occur. 

To change the features of an existing item, select the "Modify Active Item" within the item box. 


Select a product ID from the dropdown list.

Products are listed here, in the order in which they are added to the Subscription.

Note that the first product listed is considered the primary product for the subscription. It is the product associated with the subscription in the CashBox Dashboards and Reports.


Each product added to a subscription has a unique id which ties the product to the subscription.  This is a merchant specified identifier.  


The number of units of a product purchased in this subscription. CashBox uses this number to determine the cost of the item to the customer. For license-based items (rated, pre-paid products), the Quantity value will be used with the appropriate Rate Plan tier structure to determine the charge. Usage based pricing will be calculated based on how many items were reported during the billing period so don't use the quantity field.

Campaign Code

Enter the campaign code to be applied to this product, if applicable. 

Override Pricing Defaults

Yes/No. If you wish to override the default pricing for this product on this subscription select Yes and enter currency and amount below.


Enter the override price for this product on the subscription.  The currency of the account will be displayed and cannot be changed. 

Start Date

Click the calendar icon to select a date you want the Subscription Item (Product) to become Active on the subscription.

Cycle (Yes/No)
  • Select Yes if you want the product to remain active as long as the subscription is active.
  • Select No and enter the number of Times you want the cycle to repeat.
Cycles Left

The number of remaining billing cycles for which the product will be included with the subscription.  This is calculated and will be updated after each billing cycle. 

Update Option

When modifying a subscription you must select an update option this will govern all modifications to the Subscription.  

  • Update Now, No Proration—Add/remove the product now, entitle/disentitle now but don't change any billing.
  • Update Now, Prorate—Add/remove the product now, entitle/disentitle now calculate credits for removed items and charges for added items and bill or credit account accordingly.
  • Update Next Billing Period—Add/Remove the product and entitle/disentitle at the next billing cycle. No proration necessary. 
Add Product

To add additional products to the subscription click the "Add Product" button and fill out the appropriate fields as described above. 

To remove active products select "Modify Active Item" and then "Remove Item" . Hit Update to save changes.