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The Product ID.

Products are listed in the order in which they are added to the Subscription.

Note: The first Product listed is considered the Primary Product for the Subscription. It is the Product associated with the Subscription in the CashBox Dashboards and Reports.


Merchant Subscription Item ID. 


The number of units of a product that can be purchased in multiples. CashBox uses this number to determine the cost of the item to the customer. For license-based items (rated, pre-paid products), the Quantity value will be used with the appropriate Rate Plan tier structure to determine the charge. Do not use the Quantity field for usage-based items (rated, post-paid products).

Campaign ID

Enter a descriptive ID for the campaign

Campaign Code

Enter the campaign code to be applied to the Subscription, if applicable. 

Override Pricing Defaults

Yes/No. Select Yes to override default pricing on an existing item, or on a new item you are adding to the subscription. Enter a price and specify a currency type. 

Update Option

Select an update option when you add a new item to the subscription or modify the price of an existing item. 

  • Update Now, No Proration
  • Update Now, Prorate
  • Update Next Billing Period

Select a product from the dropdown box to add or remove it and click Add Product, as appropriate.

Start Date

The date the Product was, or will be active on the Subscription.

When creating a new Subscription, if the Start Date is within the pre-billing notification period (Net Terms field), and the Customer receives pre-billing notifications, and the selected Billing Plan is set up to send notification for the first billing period, then the customer will be sent a pre-billing notification for the Subscription.

If the Start Date is within the expiration notification period (Billing Period: Email before Expiration field: the time before a Billing Period’s expiration that an email will be sent), the customer is billed immediately.


The number of billing cycles for this Subscription.


Yes—Unlimited for the Subscription.

No—Enter the number of cycles (Times) for the Subscription. 

Cycles Left

The number of remaining Billing Cycles for which the Product will be included with the Subscription.