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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Cancel Subscription

Customer Service can cancel a subscription using this pop up.

Disentitle Immediately

Click Yes to cancel the related entitlements immediately. Otherwise, the entitlements continue through the end-date, as determined by the last successful billing for this subscription.


Click Yes to cancel the subscription, even when the minimum commitment period for the subscription has not been satisfied.


Click Yes to settle the subscription when it is canceled. When set to Yes, an attempt is made to settle the subscription by either refunding the customer for a portion of the prepaid use that will no longer be available, or by charging for non-recurring-charges that the customer has not yet paid. When set to No or not specified, the charges or credits remaining on the subscription are not be changed, and are carried forward in the balance for the subscription. How the subscription is settled will be reflected by the transactions/refunds included in the output.

Send Cancel Notice

Click Yes to send a cancelation email. When set to No, no cancelation email is sent. If unspecified, this setting defaults to Yes.

Cancel Reason

Select a cancel reason from the dropdown box.

Cancel reasons include Vindicia system reasons, a set of generic merchant reasons which can be used, or it is possible to define custom cancel reasons which you can then use for tracking purposes.  

Click the Cancel Subscription button to cancel the subscription. 

The following cancel reasons are pre-defined by Vindicia.  A merchant may add additional reasons starting at 1000.

System use only:

  • 0 - Vindicia: Administrative Action
  • 1 - CashBox: Unspecified
  • 2 - CashBox: AutoBill Ended
  • 3 - CashBox: Account Updater reports card closed
  • 4 - CashBox: Chargeback received. Policy specifies AutoBill be canceled.
  • 5 - CashBox: Permanently Suspended for Non-Payment. Unable to Collect Payment

Merchant optional use:

  • 100 - Merchant: Terminated (Policy or Terms Violation)
  • 101 - Merchant: Prevent Auto-Renewal
  • 102 - Merchant: Refunded, Cancel Service
  • 103 - Merchant: Customer Dissatisfied
  • 104 - Merchant: Technical Issues with Service
  • 105 - Merchant: Unable/Unwilling to Pay (Cost too high)
  • 106 - Merchant: Generic Cancel (Other)