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Vindicia Knowledge Center



Your unique identifier for the Subscription


Your name for the Subscription.

Note: This is for your internal use, and is not the same as the description that will appear on your customers’ credit card statements.

Billing Description 

An informative description of the Billing Plan. 

Invoice Format 

For Payment Method Type: Pay by Invoice, defines the format in which Invoices are generated for your customers. For all other Subscriptions, defines the format in which billing statements are emailed to your customers.

  • Do Not Send—no statement is sent
  • Attachment—sends statements as PDF attachments to the statement email
  • Inline—sends statements as inline plain text
Net Terms 

For Payment Method Type: Pay by Invoice, defines the number of days after the billing date that the Invoice will fall due.

For all other payment types, defines the number of days before a payment is processed that a billing statement will be sent to the customer.

Invoice Template 

For Payment Method Type: Pay by Invoice, defines the template used for Invoices. For all other Subscriptions, defines the (uploaded) template used for billing statement emails.

Affiliate ID 

Custom text field, used to track your affiliates.

Sub-Affiliate ID 

Custom text field, used to track your sub-affiliates.

Billing Status

The financial billing condition of an Subscription. Billing State expands on the current billing condition of the subscription and, in combination with the Status field provides a definitive representation of the current condition of an Subscription.

Remaining Balance

The remaining amount due for the current cycle of the Billing Period set. This amount does not include any repetitions of the Billing Periods defined for the Billing Plan.

Note: This field will not be listed for Subscription which contain infinitely repeating Billing Periods in the Billing Plan.


The ISO-4217 three-letter format for the default currency associated with the Subscription.

Note: For a Subscription that is paid using tokens, Currency is displayed as _VT.

Start Date 

Specifies when the Subscription was activated

End Date

Specifies when the Subscription becomes inactive. 

Bill Day 

The day of the month on which the Subscription is set to bill. If you select a number greater than the last day of a given month, the Subscription will bill on the last day of that month.

Minimum  Commitment 

The minimum number of Billing Cycles for this Subscription.

Email on Expiration 

Sets whether a customer will be notified prior to an expiration date on the Subscription (for example, prior to the end of a free trial period).

  • Yes—the default value, an expiration notification email will be sent if an expiration notification is configured for the merchant.
  • No—a notification will not be sent.

This field is related to the Expire Warning Days setting in a Billing Plan.

Entitled Through

The date through which the customer is entitlement to the  products associated with the Subscription.