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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Grant Credit

You can grant currency or token credits on a subscription using this page. Typically this is done in response to a customer service call. Subscription-based credits will be consumed by the next transaction that uses the currency or token on this subscription. These credits will be consumed by subscription-based transactions before using account credits. 

Credit Type 

Select Currency or Token. 

Currency Grant

  • Amount—amount of the credit
  • Currency—currency of the credit, select from the drop down list you can start typing and it will filter the list
  • Description—description of the credit being granted
  • Reason—reason for the credit being granted
  • Note—any additional information about the grant you would like to add 

Token Grant

  • Token—select from available list of tokens to grant to customer. Contact the business development department to create tokens if you don't see the one you need listed
  • Amount—number of tokens to grant
  • Note—any pertinent information about the token grant