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Product identifier (stock keeping unit). Click on the SKU for product details. 


Brief description of the product. 


Price of the product. 


Number of this item, when purchased in mulitples.


Type of transaction (one time or subscription) being billed. 

Tax Classification

Specifies the tax classification applicable to any plan-level charges (that is, prices associated with the Billing Plan directly, not those from individually priced Subscription Items).

A null value in this field causes CashBox to use the tax classification assigned to the Primary Product, which is the first active Subscription Item on a given Subscription. A dash (–) in this field means no tax classification is assigned, leaving any tax calculation to the default or other applicable rules as defined within the Tax Service (that is, Avalara or Vertex). For example, The Billing Plan Identifier can be configured in Avalara's AvaTax as a "Tax Item", which will allow local override of the taxes charged for the Billing Plan-related charge.


Total cost, including tax.