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Subscription Billing Status

The billing state presents the financial billing condition of the Subscription. This data member defines  the current billing condition of the subscription, and in combination with the status field, provides a definitive representation of the current condition of a Subscription. The billing state field is read only.

  • Unknown: For internal use or test purposes.
  • Good StandingBilling for the current billing period was successful
  • Free/Trial: The subscriptions current Billing Period definition (as specified by the current Billing Plan) is forcibly free. This can be a temporary state or for the duration of the billing period configured to be free-or permanent if the Billing Plan is permanently free. This state does not apply when the free condition is arrived at due to a Campaign application.
  • In Retry: The Subscription is still active but in retry, and has at least one billing period in which there was a failed attempt to charge; the Subscription is still within the configured retry period and may yet be saved by automated processes or customer action. This state corresponds to the prior Soft Error status. In the new scheme, it will only be paired with the Active status.
  • Unusable Payment Method: The Subscription is still active but is in retry, and has at least one billing period in which there was a failed attempt to charge, and received an error code designated as a Hard Fail, which is expected to be unrecoverable. The Subscription will remain in this state, in the expectation that a new payment method will be provided by the customer, until the specified retry, or grace period, expires.  This state corresponds to the previous Hard Error status when the Subscripiton end date has not passed
  • Billing Completed: The Subscription is not active; it successfully completed all required billing and has no further scheduled billings.
  • Failed to Collect: The Subscription is no longer active, having exhausted the retry period without a successful payment method update. This state corresponds to the previous Hard Error status, in which the Subscription end date has passed. This state will only exist for an Subscription with the status: Canceled.
  • Overdue: The Subscription is assigned a Merchant Accepted Payment (MAP) payment method (invoicing) and has at least one overdue invoice.
  • Pending Acceptance: The Subscription uses a payment method that requires merchant or customer action before charges can be processed, and is waiting on that external action or approval.
  • Free Period: The Subscription is currently in a free or $0 billing period for any period excepting a Free=True condition on the initial billing period only, (which uses the Free/Trial state).
  • Terminated: The Subscription has been forced into a terminal state by system or merchant action. No further billing is planned.
  • Grace Period: The Subscriptoin has an unpaid balance and is in the retry period but has passed the last scheduled retry attempt-the only path to recovery is a successful payment method update (usually customer intervention). The Subscription is still active and entitled until the end of the Grace Period.