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Subscription Status

The current service status of the susbscription. Subscription status provides a clear and mutually exclusive indicator of the current service status of a subscription, and of its place in its life cycle. The Status field is read-only.

  • Active: The Subscription is actively granting entitled service and billing in accordance with the assigned Billing Plan and associated Subscription Items.
  • Canceled: The Subscription is no longer actively granting service. It has been canceled due to user, merchant, or system action—for example, the customer has opted out of recurring billing or canceled the service; API calls to cancel the subscription or stop billing on the Customer have been made; or if a chargeback is received against a transaction generated by the Subscription. Canceled is a terminal and permanent status. The Billing condition of this Subscription is clarified by the current Billing State. Note that the customer who owns the Subscription is entitled until the Subscription's end-date. 
  • Deleted: The Subscription was administratively removed—the content of this status can only be displayed in custom and specialty reports.
  • Dryrun: The Subscription was temporarily created in service of a dry run—it will not be available beyond the duration of the dry run.
  • Expired: The Subscription is no longer actively granting service—its fixed or non-recurring plan has ended and no further billing is scheduled or possible.
  • Legacy Suspended: This status is used in limited scenarios for legacy Subscriptions that ended with a Hard Fail status but which did not otherwise meet the conditions of the new status values.
  • Pending Activation: The Subscription has been fully created, has a start date that is in the future, and has not yet granted entitled service and is not yet billing. The Subscription start date can still be changed.
  • Pending Cancel: The Subscription is Active but scheduled for cancelation. The Subscription will leave active service at the current end date.
  • Processing: The Subscription is newly created and still being administratively defined. It is not currently providing entitled service and is not yet billing. Typically this status will be Pending Activation: the Subscription has been completely created but has a future start date. The Subscription is not yet granting entitled service and is not yet billing. The Subscription start date can still be changed.
  • Unknown: For internal use or test purposes.
  • Upgraded: A terminal status given to an older version of a Subscription that has been explicitly transitioned using the AutoBill.upgrade() API method.