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Token Activity

CashBox Tokens enable you to support complex billing models that involve tracking units in addition to the fixed price billing cycles that CashBox supports. Use Tokens to define a type of merchant-specific tracking unit that can be incremented or decremented according to customer use (for example, airtime minutes, downloads, incentive points, storage space, gaming currency, and so on.).

You can define any number of Tokens, and manage each customer’s associated balance of units by granting (incrementing), and decrementing Token counts through Products, Billing Plans, or Subscriptions.

  • Define Products that allow a customer to purchase Tokens, and Products that are priced in Tokens.
  • Define Billing Plans that grant a customer Tokens, and Billing Plans that use Tokens as currency.
  • Define Subscriptions that exchange Tokens for Products or Cash.

Define one or more Token types, and designate them for use with a Product, Billing Plan, or Subscription. When a customer purchases a Product with which Tokens are associated, grant the customer a certain number of units of each Token type as appropriate, and the Token type balances are stored as part of the customer’s Account. For example, if a merchant has defined Token types for Downloads, Logins, and Storage, and has granted them to a Product that a customer purchases, then the Payment Method on the customer’s Account page lists the balances for each separate Token type.

Use CashBox to search for Token Types, view detailed information about individual Tokens, and create new or edit existing Tokens.

Customer ID 

ID of the customer affected by the activity.


Name of the customer.


Amount related to the Token activity.


Amount remaining on the Token after the most recent token activity. 


Date of the activity. 

Activity Type 

The activity related to the token. Activity types include the following:

  • All—the default, returns results for all types of Token activity.
  • Decrement—activity involving decreasing Token quantities.
  • Purchase—activity involving customer Token purchase activities.
  • Grant—activity involving granting Token quantities to customer(s).
  • Refund—activity involving refunds of Token quantities.
Token ID 

The ID of the token to which the listed Activity Type applies.


The token description.