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CashBox Tokens represent virtual currency.  This enables you to support complex billing models where your billing and charging model is different from the spending and consuming model. Use Tokens to define a type of merchant-specific tracking unit that can be incremented or reduced according to customer use (for example, airtime minutes, downloads, incentive points, storage space, gaming currency, etc.).

You can define any number of Tokens, and manage each customer’s associated balance of units by granting (incrementing), and consuming (reducing) Token counts through Products, Billing Plans, or Subscriptions.

• Define Products that grant customers Tokens and/or Products that are priced in Tokens.

• Define Billing Plans that are priced in Tokens.

• Define Subscriptions to which tokens can be credited or which contain products that grant tokens, or that use tokens to purchase items.

Tokens balances are stored on a customer account or on a customer subscription.  Token credits can be specified for a subscription or generally to the account.  When consumed by a subscription it will use the subscriptions balance first before consuming account Tokens.  Token balances on a subscription can only by used to purchase items on that subscription. Tokens that are granted by purchasing a product are only credited to the account balance.