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The Transaction object encapsulates information about a financial transaction processed through CashBox. In addition to standard transaction content, such as customer information (Account), payment information (PaymentMethod), line items (TransactionItem), and amount, this object contains a rich set of attributes that support CashBox services.

The list transactions page displays transactions by ID, Customer, Payment Type, Amount, Status, and Created Date. You can search for transactions by any of these key words, or click the Show Filters button to refine your search.

A Transaction object might represent a financial transaction conducted through CashBox for one-time billing or recurring billing, or for a transaction occurring outside of CashBox but reported to Vindicia for chargeback dispute through ChargeGuard. Note however that it is the Refund object, not the Transaction object, that encapsulates information on refunds to your customers.

CashBox processes Transaction objects with your payment processor and updates their status during the process. The Transaction status is displayed is the current status of the transaction.  Previous statuses are logged and can be accessed via the API or reports.

A Transaction object might also represent a potential, rather than a completed, financial transaction. For example, you can score a Transaction and screen it for fraud risk before moving funds through your payment processor.  If the scoring result reflects a high fraud probability, you might decide to abandon the Transaction, in which case the corresponding Transactionobject remains in CashBox in the New status, which means it was never processed.

Transactions can be generated using the CashBox API for one-time purchases, or by CashBox as part of a Subscription billing or Refund. 

You can view details and activities associated with a single Transaction, or view aggregated results using Transaction reports. You can also issue refunds as appropriate or necessary against captured Transactions.