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A CashBox Transaction represents a request for the transfer of funds to a payment processor, or to Vindicia fraud screening, a ChargeGuard application. A request includes a Payment Method, Account information (including a Billing Address), one or more Products, an amount, and a currency type. A Transaction is either  from a customer account to be deposited into a merchant account (inbound), or from a merchant account to a customer account via ACH or ECP payment methods (outbound).

Transactions can be generated manualyl using the CashBox API, or automatically by CashBox as part of a Subscription billing or Refund. During processing, some Transactions may be canceled before being submitted to a payment processor (because they fall below a configured CashBox fraud screening threshold), others are used for ChargeGuard processing, and the remainder are forwarded to a payment processor. Each Transaction is preserved in the CashBox system.

A Transaction can be submitted in real-time (for Fraud Screening, Authorization, Validation, or Capture), or submitted for batch processing (for an AutoBill). Transactions can also be sent to ChargeGuard in batch or real-time mode.

Use CashBox to search your Transactions, view details and activities associated with a single Transaction, or view aggregated results using Transaction reports. You can also issue refunds as appropriate or necessary against captured Transactions.