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Vindicia Knowledgebase


The details for this transaction.  The current Status of this transaction is displayed in the header for the details section.  


Your unique identifier for this Transaction. CashBox automatically generates this value for re-billing transactions with the prefix you specified during initial configuration. Vindicia recommends that this prefix differ from the one specified for recurring transactions.

Payment Processor

The payment processor for this Transaction. 

Processor ID

The name Vindicia uses to identify a CashBox Transaction to the associated payment processor. This is usually the same as ID. In some cases however, due to the format requirements of some payment processors, CashBox alters the Transaction ID before sending it to the processor. In those cases, the name of a transaction in a report by the payment processor will differ from the name of the same transaction in a report by Vindicia. The Processor ID enables you to reconcile the original CashBox Transaction name with the altered Transaction name CashBox sends to the payment processor, to identify the Transaction.

Processor Response

Response Code from the processor for this transaction.


One time, or recurring (Subscription) Transaction. 


Amount and currency type of this Transaction.

Payment Type

The payment method used for the Transaction and a masked payment account number. 


Date this Transaction was submitted.

Last Status

A transaction may go through multiple statuses and it gets updated as statuses change.  This date will reflect the last time the status was updated.