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The Transaction Details page lists information about a single Transaction, including the date, time and amount of the Transaction, the payment method, customer contact information including shipping and billing address. Refund and Chargeback details, if any, appear at the top of the page. A tax exemption box is also displayed, when applicable.


Transaction Identifier. 

Payment Processor

The payment processor for this Transaction. 

Processor ID

Name Vindicia uses to identify a CashBox Transaction to the associated payment processor. This is usually the CashBox Merchant Transaction ID but in some cases, due to the format requirements of some payment processors, CashBox alters the Transaction name before sending it to the processor. In those cases, the name of a transaction in a report by the payment processor will differ from the name of the same transaction in a report by Vindicia. The enables you to reconcile the original CashBox Transaction name with the altered Transaction name CashBox sends to the payment processor, to identify the Transaction

Processor Response

Response Code for the last Account Update Response. (A/E indicates whether the full Account, or only the Expiration date was updated.)


One time, or recurring (Subscription) Transaction. 


Amount and currency type of this Transaction. Does

Payment Type

The payment method used for the Transaction and a count of the number of previous transactions associated with this particular payment method. Valid types include:

  • All Currency (non-token)
  • All
  • Amazon
  • ApplyPay
  • Boleto
  • CarrierBilling
  • CreditCard
  • DirectDebit
  • ECP
  • GiftCard
  • Hosted Page
  • MerchantAcceptedPayment
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Token

Date this Transaction was submitted.

Last Status

Date status was last reported on this Transaction.