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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Issue Refund

Refund requests are queued into batch jobs that are sent to payment processors periodically throughout the day. If you view a Refund before its batch job is completely processed, the Refunds field will list its status as Pending. After the refund is processed the status will change to Complete.

To issue a refund for this Transaction, select a refund type from Refund Type dropdown box.


Transaction ID.


Subscription/One Time Payment.


The name associated with the payment method used for this Transaction, if provided.

Payment Method

Payment method on the Account.

Refund Type

To issue a refund on this Transaction, select a refund type from the dropdown box:

  • Full—refunds the entire remaining amount of the Transaction.
  • Partial—enter the amount to refund.
  • Percentage—enter the percentage of the amount to refund.
  • By Item—select to refund individual Transactions items.

If you selected By Item, scroll down to the Transaction Item you want to refund and select the type of refund you want to issue from the Refund Type dropdown box for the Item. 

  • SKU—Product ID or shop-keeping unit for a line item associated with the Transaction.
  • Amount—cost of this Item
  • Discount—discount applied against this Item
  • Taxes—taxes on the original amount
  • Refund Type—select one of the following: 
    • Full Refund
    • Partial Refund: enter the amount
    • Percentage: enter a percentage
  • Existing Refunds—any refunds already applied to this Item
  • Refunded Taxes—taxes on the refunded Item
  • Available Refund—amount available for refund after any existing refunds.
  • Refund Distribution—calculated distribution, among individual Transaction Items, of a refund on the total Transaction. For example, if there is a 10% discount on the Refund Transaction, and the Amount of Transaction # 1 is $36.00 and the Amount of Transaction # 2 is $40.00, the Refund Distribution for Transaction # 1 would be $3.60 and the Refund Distribution for Transaction # 2 would be $4.00. 
  • Item Refund Amount—the calculated amount refunded for this Item
Transaction Currency

The currency in which the Transaction was conducted. 

Original Transaction Amount

Total amount of the Transaction at purchase. 

Refunded Amount

The amount refunded for this Transaction. 

Available Refund Amount

Amount available for refunds after subtracting existing refunds (if any) from the original transaction amount.

Total Refund Amount

Total amount to be refunded.