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Vindicia Knowledgebase

Issue Refund

If you would like to issue a refund or partial refund for this transaction you can do so here.  

The following fields from the transaction are displayed and not editable:


Transaction ID.


Subscription/One Time Payment.


The name associated with the customer for this transaction.

Payment Method

Payment method on the Customer Account.  Including the last digits of the account number and expiration date if available.

Transaction Currency

The currency in which the Transaction was conducted. 

Original Transaction Amount

Total amount of the Transaction at purchase. 

Refunded Amount

The amount previously refunded for this Transaction. 

Available Refund Amount

Amount available for refunds after subtracting previous refunds (if any) from the original transaction amount.

Total Refund Amount

Total amount to be refunded in this transaction. This amount will be adjusted after you select type and amount of refund.


The following fields require your input to determine the refund amount (please note line item refunds are only available through the API).

Refund Type

To issue a refund on this Transaction, select a refund type from the dropdown box:

  • Full—refunds the entire remaining amount of the Transaction.
  • Partial—enter the amount to refund.
  • Percentage—enter the percentage of the "Available to Refund" amount to refund.
Token Action

If tokens were granted by this transaction you have the following options of what to do during the refund:

Cancel Negative Balance: Reverses the token grants made by the Transaction that is being refunded. If this action causes the Token balance to drop below zero, subsequent Transactions will fail until the balance is positive.

CancelZeroBalance: Reverses the Token grants made by the Transaction that is being refunded. If this action causes the token balances to drop below zero, CashBox sets the balance to zero.

None: Leaves the token grants made by the transaction that is being refunded as is, as if the Transaction had not been refunded. This value is the default.


Please use this field to provide a detailed description of why the refund is to be made.