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Line items associated with the Transaction, including Billing Plan, Products purchased, Charges added, and Tax amounts.


Billing Plan or Product ID (shop-keeping unit) for a line item associated with the Transaction.


Quantity of this item in this Transaction.


Product Description from the customer's Subscription, or as specified in the Transaction. If the Transaction is not generated from a Subscription and the Product is not defined in CashBox, this field will not be populated.


The number of cycles in the Billing Plan


Any campaigns associated with this Transaction.

Tax Classification

Tax Classification for this Transaction. 

Tax classifications include:

  • Downloadable Electronic Data
  • Downloadable Executable Software
  • Other Taxable
  • Physical Goods
  • Service
  • Tax Exempt

CashBox uses the Tax Classification field, with nexus and tax rules provided during implementation, to calculate applicable taxes for your Product. For more information about using a Product’s Tax Classification, contact Vindicia Client Services.


Amount for this Item less tax.


Short description of this item.


Price of the Billing Plan product or products 

Service Period

The service period of the Transaction

Cycles Left

The number of cycles left in the Billing Plan. 


Discounts, if any, associated with this Transaction. 

Tax Type

Tax type include:

  • Inclusive Sales Tax
  • Exclusive Sales Tax
  • Inclusive Use Tax
  • Exclusive Use Tax

Amount for this Item including tax.