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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Payment Method

Payment Method(s) for this Transaction. 

Account Holder

Name of the account holder

Billing Address

Billing address of the account holder

Billing Profile ID

Merchant unique ID associated with the Billing Profile for this Transaction. 

Customer Specified Type

Payment method type, if provided by the customer.

Customer Specified Description

Payment method description, if provided by the customer. 

Card Number

The (hashed) credit card number used for this Transaction

Card Expiration

Expiration date of the credit card. 

Card CVN

For Credit Card payments, lists the Card Verification Number reason code and description returned by the payment processor.

Card Attributes

Card attributes, if provided, include such things as whether the card is credit or debit, a commercial or consumer card, gift card, prepaid card, and so on. 

Customer Specified Description

Description, if provided by the customer.