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If Chargeback Fraud screening is enabled then the chargeback probability is calculated. This probability is from 0-100.  The values calculated are as follows:

• -2: an error occurred

• -1: no risk determined

• 0-100: percent chance of a chargeback or exception

IP Address

If the IP Address of the device that initiated the Transaction is captured it will be displayed here. 

MAC Address

if the MAC address of the computer from which the Transaction originated is captured it will be displayed here.

Chargeback Risk

The chargeback risk assigned to this Transaction.


The date on which the chargeback risk was calculated.

Risk Explanation

Brief explanation for the Chargeback Risk score.

Distance from IP to Billing Address

The physical distance between the customer’s IP address and the customer’s billing address for this Transaction.  Distance can be a factor in determining chargeback risk.