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A unique ID for the campaign.


A name for the campaign.


A short description of the campaign.

  • Any—Select to apply the Campaign to all AutoBills.
  • New—Select to limit the Campaign to new subscriptions.

CashBox provides two kinds of campaigns.

Promotion—Campaigns generate a single Campaign Code that you can distribute to multiple customers. A Promotion code is not unique to individual users and is typically publicly available through newspapers, broadcast, or mass email. 

Coupon—Campaigns generate multiple unique Campaign Codes, each of which can be used a defined number of times. Coupon Campaigns are often highly targeted, and Coupon Code distribution and redemption is trackable.

The options shown change depending on the type of Campaign you choose. 

Promotion—If you select this option, set a Start and End date and time. 

Coupon—if you select this option, set whether the campaign Requires Activation; set the Max Redemptions for the campaign; and set a Start and End date and time.