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Promotion Code

Check to make certain that the parameters for your Campaign are accurate, and click Generate Coupon Codes.

CashBox will create the number of Codes specified for the Campaign, as randomly generated, 16 character alphanumeric strings.This process will run in the background, until it has completed, at which point the screen will refresh, and three new buttons will be available in the Coupon Codes section:

• Mark All Coupons Used will mark all generated Coupons used, and unavailable for redemption.

• Retrieve Coupon Codes allows you to download a file listing your generated Coupon Codes.

• Regenerate Coupon Codes allows you to generate new Coupon Codes for the Campaign.

注意:After clicking Generate Coupon Codes, the Campaign Details page will show a status bar for the generation process.Once generation is in progress, you may navigate away from the page.The status bar will show the progress each time you return to the page, until code generation is complete, at which time it will allow you to download the codes.

When Code generation has completed, click the Retrieve Coupon Codes button to download your file of Coupon Codes.

Once you have retrieved your codes, you must click Activate Campaign to activate your Campaign, and allow your customers to submit their Coupons.

Warning:Do not activate your Coupon Campaign before generating Coupon Codes.Once Active, Coupon Codes may be regenerated for a Campaign, but CashBox will not generate the initial set of Coupon Codes for a Campaign that has already been activated.