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Vindicia Knowledge Center


User Profile

The name given to the user profile taken from the first name.


First and last name of the user.

Email Address

User's email is used for communications, such as reports completion emails, or resetting your password. 

Time Zone 

The user can set their time zone to any standard time zone by picking from the dropdown. This selection affects all dates and time stamps in the portal and they are automatically reflected to your time zone setting.

Date picker Format 

This setting allows the user to set their preference in the way dates can be manually entered in the calendar/date picker. 


The languages supported along with the locale affect the language in which the portal is experienced. IT changes all labels, navigation, and common descriptors. It does NOT change the language of your data ex. if the name of your product was written in English, once you change the language to Spanish, the name of the product stays as entered in English. The Locale (US) or (UK) controls the format of the currencies, dates, numbers, etc. ex. in (US) locale it would show $4.00 while in (UK) locale the same amount would show as $4,00.


This setting shows you when your password is expiring. Due to Vindicia security policies, each password is randomly generated and you can keep requesting a new one until you're comfortable with the given option. Each password expires every 90 days.