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CashBox Release Notes 22.0.4

CashBox Release Notes 22.0.4


Released on April 3 2018

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

REST Pilot Enhancements including Support for Payment Method Tokenization

Vindicia has extended the capabilities supported in the production pilot of the CashBox RESTful API. The ongoing pilot of our new REST API is available to all merchants in ProdTest, but to only a limited set in Production. The REST API offers a subset of CashBox feature/functionality during the pilot but will soon offer full functionality to all.

As part of this release, we have added some key features to REST:

  • CashBox now supports Payment Method Tokenization. PMT is a modified form of Hosted Order Automation with Hosted Fields using new RESTful API methods.  As with the SOAP-based HOA and HOA w/ Hosted Fields, this new approach enables you to securely accept credit cards in a PCI-compliant manner without storing or processing sensitive information on your systems. Unlike HOA/HOA-2 using SOAP, PMT is limited to only creating a payment method and receiving the identifiers used as a token for referencing the payment method securely in non-PCI-compliant systems. 
  • The REST API has increased support for new payment method types to include, in addition to existing support for Credit/Debit Cards, the following:
    • — Merchant Accepted Payment (also known as "Pay By Invoice")
    • — Direct Debit (UK and SEPA)
    • — ECP (also known as ACH)
    • — PayPal Express Checkout (previously limited support is now extended to full support across the API)

(CB-28863, CB-30158, CB-30159, CB-30161, CB-30163)


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-28912 Current Liability report in Portal accepting date parameter The Run Report setup screen for the Current Liability report contained a Day of the Report input box, allowing users to run the report for past dates (generating problematic results). Report generation for past dates was not the intention of the report, and is not supported. The Day of the Report input box has been removed. The Current Liability report now only runs reports for the current date. 
CB-30785 Open invoices aborting when previous billing exhausts retries When the merchant continuous_billing option was active, an AutoBill did not continue after a previous billing attempt attempt failed to collect payment due to a hard fail error. This has been fixed. Now, when continuous_billing is set, billing continues through the grace period, as designed, for all failure reasons.

Global Collect transaction failure

An error was returned by Global Collect when the first name was longer than the maximum 15 characters allowed in the request. 

This fix truncates the first name at 15 characters and the surname at 35 characters in message data transmitted to Global Collect (Ingenico). Account and Card Holder data in CashBox are not affected.
CB-30938, CB-31130 C​​​​​​annot update payment method from ApplePay to a credit card, or add additional ApplePay payment methods on an AutoBill Updating an AutoBill from ApplePay to some credit cards, or adding another ApplePay payment method, was returning a 500 error in AutoBill.update(). This has been fixed.
CB-30993 ApplePay transactions canceled during batch capture Fixed a bug that required transactionIdentifier values on ApplePay payment method requests to be unique for every transaction. Now, the same transactionIdentifier can be used to refer to the same ApplePay  authentication in subsequent requests.

Updated MAP-paid Autobills showing incorrect balance


The following bugs have been addressed in this ticket:

  • When calling AutoBill.modify() to change the billing plan on an "advance" billing rule AutoBill assigned to a MerchantAcceptedPayment payment method, the resulting Invoice could contain duplicate items causing the balance to be incorrect. This has been fixed.
  •  When calling AutoBill.makePayment() to overpay an Invoice on a MerchantAcceptedPayment AutoBill that has had an AutoBill.modify() call applied to it in the same day, the resulting Invoice could have an incorrect balance. This has been fixed.
  • If a MerchantAcceptedPayment AutoBill was modified on the same day that an Invoice became Due, the portal could mistakenly show incorrect items and an incorrect balance on older invoices even though those invoices were charged correctly. These Portal display issues have been fixed. 
CB-31088 .Net client unable to set applyToCredit on autobill.makePayment()

There was a problem when the applyToCredit  parameter was specified on AutoBill.makePayment() calls using the .Net client library. This has been fixed. 

CB-31100 Transactions failing on products with name-value pairs when using externalBilling When using an externalBilling payment method type, AutoBill items with user-defined name-value pairs were causing transactions to fail. This has been fixed. 
CB-31200 Taxless Current Liability report incorrectly displaying overpayment amounts The Current Liability report was showing negative values in the Yet To Be Paid field for the run-time pre-tax view option when there was an overpayment or credit on the invoice. 

This has been fixed. The field now displays 0.00 for both pre- and post-tax view options.


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