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CashBox Release Notes 22.0.3

CashBox Release Notes 22.0.3


Released 2-28-2018

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

New Payment Provider: PayU (Global) for Credit & Debit Cards

CashBox now supports credit and debit card payments via the latest PayU global API.


New Payment Provider: Moneris for Credit & Debit Cards

CashBox now supports credit and debit card payments via Moneris Payment Processor.


Current Liability report enhanced

Previously, the Current Liability report calculated revenue only based on post-tax (tax inclusive) invoice, transaction and refund amounts. This enhancement adds a runtime option to choose whether to calculate current liability based on post-tax or pre-tax amounts. When pre-tax is selected, the report calculates pre-tax final sub totals. 


Sales Tax Detail report enhanced

Two new fields (columns) have been added to the Sales Tax Detail report to show the Affiliate ID and Sub-Affiliate ID associated with a given transaction for all included transaction records. These fields will be populated using the existing Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate data members and will not be used to group the report records or to present sub-totals. 


Sales Tax Detail report enhanced

In Select::fetchBillingResults, a name-value pair called vin:PaymentProcessorTransactionId can be returned on transactions that contain the payment processor transaction ID for payment processors that support it. Authorize.Net transactions are now supported, and populated with the Authorize.Net transId field.

(CB-30892, CB-30916)

CashBox API client library for Java updated to Axis 1.3 (supports latest TLS)

Java client library updated.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-19176 AutoBill.makePayment() not always correctly setting end date on successful payment during a Retry

When AutoBill.makePayment() was called on an AutoBill in a retry cycle or during a grace period, the AutoBill endTimestamp was not being updated under some circumstances. This has been fixed and the AutoBill endTimestamp is now correct for newly active AutoBills.

CB-23772 Transaction Status mis-match between CashBox and GlobalCollect 

Some GlobalCollect HostedPage transactions were getting out of sync with GlobalCollect and not transitioning to Captured disposition when Vindicia received a WX1 settlement file from GlobalCollect. This has been fixed so that these transactions are updated to Captured when Vindicia receives the settlement file.

CB-30292 Prorated debit and credit items not always showing correct service period in invoice JSON

Prorated debit and credit items in an invoice, resulting from mid-cycle addition and removal of items, during the last cycle were not showing the correct service period in the invoice JSON presentation (REST API, Push Notification). This has been fixed.

CB-30310 Name-Value pair on Payment Method ignored using HOA 2 (Hosted Fields)

When editing an existing payment method using Account.updatePaymentMethod() inside HOA sessions, if any name-value pairs were added or updated at the same time, they were not being saved on the payment method. This has been fixed so that the name-value pairs are updated correctly.

CB-30317 Soft Error Autobills going into Grace Period billing state after first retry 

AutoBills that were in SoftError could prematurely have the billing state Grace Period when they were still in the retry cycle. This issue affects only merchants with a retry cycle longer than the billing plan period for the AutoBill. This has been fixed and now puts the AutoBill in the In Retry state until the retry cycle has been exhausted.

CB-30332 CashBox not supporting all full or any partial refunds (GMO)

In some cases, attempts to process full and partial refunds on transactions were failing when GMO was the payment processor. This has been fixed. 

CB-30366 AutoBill with Hosted Pages Payment Method not generating Initial Success email

For merchants using email templates, AutoBills using HostedPage payment methods were not sending out initial success emails to customers when an AutoBill.finalizeCustomerAction() call occurred. This has been fixed and email notifications are now sent.

CB-30633 Account.updatePaymentMethod() via HOA 2 with updateScopeOnAccount = AllActive not assigning to free/no-pay-method active AutoBill

Calling Account.updatePaymentMethod() via HOA 2 (hosted fields) to add a payment method to an active AutoBill with no current payment method assigned, was generating  a 200 return code but not updating the payment method on accounts after use of a coupon for a free trial for the first cycle. This has been fixed.

CB-30668 TransBank HostedPage blocking Autobills with initial free trials or future start dates AutoBill.update() was failing when an AutoBill had a billing period with an initial free trial period, or the start time stamp of the AutoBill was future-dated. This has been fixed. Free initial billing periods are now supported using the TransBank processor with payment method type HostedPage.
CB-30669 TransBank HostedPage integration passing merchant name in the Username field of the initInscription request to TransBank

When calling the initInscription method, CashBox was sending the merchant name to Transbank's Webpay instead of the merchant's customer's username. This has been fixed.

CB-30711 Transaction Detail Report missing fields when selecting Transaction Status = Cancelled When generating a Transaction Detail report with all columns selected for transactions that were canceled, columns O, U, AC, AD, AE, AF were missing from the report. This has been fixed. All columns, when specified, are now present in the report.  
CB-30715 TransBank HostedPage integration: Declined Auth requests processed as Authorized CashBox was processing all Auth requests to Transbank as Authorized even though some were declined (in test). This has been fixed.
CB-30786 Push notification for Transactions was adding tax into the "Total" for tax-inclusive transactions.

On the TransactionItem subobject, the transactionItem total data member returned could be incorrect when the transaction was tax-inclusive because the inclusive sales tax was being added to the total when it had been already included. This affects: 

  • transaction push notifications 
  • SOAP responses for transactions 
  • REST responses for transaction

This has been fixed. 

CB-30904 Autobill.Migrate for MAP payment method has Next Invoice Amount as 0$ if nextPeridoStartDate is set to null("") instead of undef

When passing in a nextPeridodStartDate of null("") instead of undef in AutoBill.migrate() with a MAP payment method, the Next Invoice Amount would equal $0 for the migrated AutoBill. This has been fixed so that the next invoice shows the correct amount.

CB-30956 Outstanding Credits report missing Customer ID on some credits granted

In the Outstanding Credits report, some records were not showing the merchant customer identifier or name if the credits were granted directly to the Account. This has been fixed so that the merchant customer identifier and name appear in the report.

CB-31031 Credit Card Expiration warnings not being sent

A bug  was preventing Credit Card Expiration warning emails from being sent out for merchants who have Credit Card Expiration email templates configured. This has been fixed.


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