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CashBox Release Notes 22.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 22.0.2


Released 1-31-2018

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

An additional automatic Account Updater request 

An additional automatic Account Updater request has been added to the post-billing process between the second-to-last and last scheduled retry attempts. This should provide a small but valuable increase in "AU" effectiveness in some cases. 


Cashbox integration with Verifi CDRN service

Vindicia now supports a generic connector between CashBox and the Verifi Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) service. This enables a merchant, configured for CDRN, to have automated CDRN Refund and Cancel actions communicated to and acted upon by CashBox, in real time. As disputes are received in the CDRN system and the decision is made to either refund or cancel the subscription, or both, the request is issued through the connector and translates in CashBox to an immediate refund or cancelation.


Old/Unused SOAP versions and methods deprecated

All Methods in SOAP versions *3.0, 3.8, and 4.1* are deprecated as of CashBox release 22.0.2. Any attempt to use Methods from these SOAP versions will return 410 response codes.


CashBox Portal removes unusable payment method options

Payment method types that require customer or external approval and therefore cannot be created by an agent alone, have been removed from the Portal's payment method type dropdown when creating/updating payment methods on file. These method types can be displayed in the portal, but not as selectable user/agent options for creation/update. The Portal payment method dropdown menu now lists only payment types that can be set directly by merchant agents.   


Transaction.fetchDeltaSince for Soap 22.0 enforces check for valid time range

To ensure that End timestamp is after Start timestamp, the Transaction.fetchDeltaSince() method now validates the timestamp range for all method calls. Timestamp validation is also performed, as with other CashBox API SOAP versions/releases.


Chase Paymentech response codes refreshed for all payment options

New and updated error/response codes specified for use with Chase Paymentech have been added/updated in CashBox ensuring the latest correct handling for default response to Chase Paymentech transactions.



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-26006 Cannot delete a Product in the Portal

Previously, products were not being deleted by clicking the Delete Product button in the Portal. This has been fixed. Clicking the Delete Product button now takes the user to a confirmation page where they can confirm the deletion.

CB-26844 Revoked credits not showing in AutoBill Credit Activity (Portal or API)

When revoking the full amount of a credit on an AutoBill, the revocation was not appearing in the Credit History Report in the Portal, even though the credits were successfully removed. This has been fixed. The revocation event is now correctly displayed in the Credit History Report.


Canceled Autobills showing as Entitled in the AutoBill Detail report

Some AutoBills that were canceled (showing Entitlement Active=No in the Portal) were still showing as entitled in the AutoBill Detail Report. This has been fixed. Canceled entitlements are now correctly reported. 
CB-29837 AutoBill.cancel() calls failing during refund settlement attempt When using AutoBill.cancel() with settle = 1 on an AutoBill with billingRule = Advance, a MAP payment method, and the AutoBill had consumed currency credits on the previous billing period—sometimes the AutoBill.cancel() call returned a 400 error: Failed to issue refund.  This has been fixed. A refund is now issued to the customer and the AutoBill is appropriately canceled.
CB-30060 Reports  not uploading in .csv format A bug was causing some Transaction Detail report file names to be created without the extension, preventing upload of the reports. This has been fixed. 
CB-30218 HostedPages payment methods blocking AutoBills with initial zero amounts Using Autobill.update() to create a new AutoBill with either a free trial  or a 100% discount campaign was failing with an internal error, without sending the transaction to the payment provider when using Global Collect's Hosted Pages Payment Method. This has been fixed. CashBox now successfully authorizes Global Collect Hosted Pages payment methods for AutoBills with a free trial or 100% campaigns.
CB-30319 Current Liability Report showing Duplicate invoice rows for Canceled Payments The Current Liability Report was showing duplicate invoice rows for Canceled Payments. This has been fixed. 
CB-30341 Account Data Change Push Notification—issues with web-portal account name change Push Notifications were not being sent when the Name value of an Account was changed in the Portal. This has been fixed. 
CB-30426 Entitlement.fetchByAccount() could return incorrect entitlement when an AutoBillItem is swapped with another using the same Product Swaps between items using the same product/entitlements have been improved to ensure that the latest entitlement ID's are always returned after modification completes.
CB-30295 Product added mid-cycle to a MAP-paid AutoBill could be skipped in next billing invoice Fixed invoice issue to ensure added items display properly on MAP-paid invoices.
CB-30280, CB-30298, CB-30259, CB-30438, CB-29773, CB-30282, CB-30260, CB-29988, CB-29774 Various GL Extract Report fixes/improvements The GL Extract report has been improved to remove various confusing displays and ensure the expected data is presented properly in the report.
CB-30533, CB-30022, CB-30413   Various Tax Rate updates for Legacy Vindicia Tax Engine Various Tax Rate updates for Legacy Vindicia Tax Engine (Switzerland, Australia, US-Washington state) have been made. 



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