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CashBox Release Notes 22.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 22.0.0


Released 11-29-2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, or improvements.

Support Chargeback feed from Sub1

CashBox now supports processing of automated Chargeback feed from the Sub1 processor.


Pre-tax information in Sales Tax Detail report

A new Pre-tax Total column has been added to the Sales Tax Detail report. Because each report row/result record in the report itemizes tax amounts by tax jurisdiction, calculating the total tax for a given transaction was a multi-row task. Co-locating the Pre-tax Total in the report with the Transaction_Amount and Tax Amount columns allows merchants to quickly determine, reconcile and pay the correct tax amounts to the taxing authorities. 


Access to Credit Card Authorization Code returned from Payment Processors for Transactions

CashBox now provides merchants with the Authorization Code returned by some payment processors in response to credit card Authorization calls. The authorization code is provided as part of the statusLog subobject of the Transaction. CashBox is currently populating this field for the following payment processors:

  • Edgil
  • SparrowOne
  • First Data Merchant Solutions (FDMS), Nashville
  • Merchant eSolutions

Additional payment processors will be added in subsequent releases.


UK Direct Debit Support via Global Collect Direct API Method

CashBox now supports one time Transactions and Subscriptions for merchant customers through UK Direct Debit. Customers can authorize the merchant to charge them on a one-time or recurring basis by signing mandates. CashBox will store the mandates and manage the UK Direct Debit transactions. Transactions are processed via Global Collect using the Direct API method.


New Payment Method and Provider: Amdocs Billing (CES)

Cashbox now supports the ability to present and bill CashBox created charges on the Amdocs CES billing platform. CashBox sends charges and refunds to the Amdocs CES system to be added to CES customers' recurring bill. Those charges are considered paid from the Cashbox perspective unless an error is received. This is accomplished via the new ExternalBilling payment method.

The Amdocs CES component of this feature is available in CES release 9.3 and will  be available in future CES 10.x releases. 


Support for TransBank OneClick 

CashBox now supports TransBank OneClick, a hosted page solution for credit cards that includes support for 3D-Secure. 


New Payment Method and Provider: Amdocs EPP (Select)

Cashbox now supports full Select processing via the Amdocs EPP billing/gateway.


Decline Recovery Report

CashBox now provides a report that enables merchants to determine the effectiveness of their retry strategies. Using provided Start/End dates to establish a cohort of original recurring billing attempts, the Decline Recovery Report tracks their results to-date, as of Run Date, based on the initial failing response code. This report can be scheduled (CSV format) or run on-demand (CSV or HTML format). 


Additional external identifier for Account (merchantExternalAccountId) in SOAP and REST

In addition to the existing merchantAccountId and VID, CashBox now recognizes another unique ID for Accounts: merchantExternalId. This new ID behaves similar to the merchantAccountId and VID for the Account object, and in Account update/fetch method calls. Calls can use this external Account identifier to ID a merchant customer in any API call and this ID becomes part of the Account object and is visible in the Portal. 


Enhanced Vantiv (Litle) to support International Currency MID overrides for validation auth amounts

A new merchant option will allow the designation of certain Merchant ID's (MID) for Litle & Co (Vantiv) merchants which must override standard minimal auth amount policies to force a $1.00 validation authorization amount.  Currently all non-US, non-CA currencies should be reviewed for this policy.


Merchant Option for requesting or prohibiting full card number retrieval for qualified tokenized card providers

A new merchant option (tokenized_no_save_cc) instructs CashBox to retrieve and securely store the full card number (PAN) for tokenized credit cards when the provider/processor supports this.


Security update to InComm Gift Card integration

Upgrade to InComm integration to support their updated platform for required security updates.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-28630 AutoBill.update fails with Payment Method mismatch: Specified account has an existing active MerchantAcceptedPayment. if dryrun = 1 and you are trying to create a new Account with MAP payment method

When submitting an AutoBill.update(), with dryrun = 1, on a new AutoBill with a new Account and a new MAP payment method, the call was failing. 

This has been fixed. In this scenario, CashBox now returns 200 and a new AutoBill (although, due to the dryrun setting, no AutoBill is actually created in the database).

CB-28848 After AutoBill.update(), campaign is not being applied to next billing, but is applied to billing after that in some cases


In certain cases, when an AutoBill was created with a campaign applied at the item level, the initial transaction correctly applied the discount, but the discount was not applied at the second billing, then correctly applied in subsequent billings. This has been fixed. Active campaign discounts are now consistently applied in all billings.

CB-29557 Transaction.fetchDeltaSince()returns 500 error due to invalid timestamp


Previously Transaction.fetchDeltaSince() calls with invalid Start or End time stamps returned a 500 error code and the message: Process failed (Internal). In the current release, fetches with invalid time stamps are validated with a 400 return code. 

The Start time stamp is required, but the End timestamp is optional. If the date is provided but not the time, the time 00:00:00 will be appended to the Start time stamp and 23:59:59 will be appended to the End time stamp for the day specified.

Acceptable formats include: db, iso, and xsd. For example:

  • db: 2010-09-01 12:23:01.000000
  • iso: 2010-09-01T12:23:01.000000-07:00
  • xsd: 2010-09-01T12:23:01-07:00
CB-29689 Cancel email notification sent for AutoBill that ended in 2014-06-09


A bug in the Account Updater code caused CashBox to send cancelation email notifications on AutoBills whose billing period had ended. This has been fixed. 

CB-29690, CB-29801 Invoice Based Revenue Recognition report date formats inconsistent Inconsistencies in the way dates were displayed in some columns in the Invoice Based Revenue Recognition report (dd/mm/yy vs. mm/dd/yy) have been resolved. 
CB-29836 Current Liability Report:  Latest current liability report not showing Due, Overdue or Closed invoices

A number of AutoBills were not appearing in the Current Liability Report because Due and Overdue invoices were not being included after a recent update. This has been fixed. 

CB-29846, CB-29967 Adding new address information to existing shipping/billing address entry using CashBox portal does not generate push event  Adding a new payment method via the Portal, or changing the content of one of the Billing Address fields on an existing payment method, was not generating a Push event. Changes to the Account Holder field on a payment method also was not generating a Push event. This issue has been resolved: adding a new payment method or changing the content of any fields via CashBox portal now properly trigger Push events. 
CB-30011, CB-30087, CB-29996 Various problems prevent ECP/ACH via USBank. These issues have been resolved. 
Various GL Extract Report Bugs & Missing Data Various fixes were deployed to the GL Extract report to address scenarios where some extended data values were not populating in every case and some record types were not present.
CB-30055, CB-30054

GMO-PG (payment gateway) interface bugs reported:

* Tax amount double reported at provider

* Transaction grand total reported at provider as 100x actual.

Interface bugs led to CashBox data on GMO-PG transactions being misinterpreted at the provider (GMO).  CashBox data was correct (in Portal, API, database) but mis- presented via the integration. The CashBox integration has been fixed to correctly present this information to GMO-PG.

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