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CashBox Release Notes 21.0.4

CashBox Release Notes 21.0.4

Released 10-24-2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, or improvements.

Expanded credit card information available with Edgil tokenized cards.

CashBox now captures and makes available the BIN (first six digits of the card number), the last four digits of the card number, and the expiration date associated with the underlying card  when the payment method is a tokenized CC via Edgil's Payway gateway.


Enhanced SparrowOne connector for full Migration support (to enable refunds on migrated transactions)

To fully support transactions migrated into CashBox via AutoBill.migrate() and Transaction.migrate()for the SparrowOne payment provider, CashBox has enhanced the existing integration to work with migrated transactions. This supports the full range of support/care behaviors, including refunding those migrated transactions. This enhancement will cover transactions migrated into CashBox after its release—existing, already migrated transactions may not support refund.


Support for Transaction status change in GL Extract Report

An improvement to the CashBox GL Extract Report now enables the report to show Transactions that changed their status (for example from Captured to Canceled) in a given reporting period. 



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-28443 AutoBill.fetchInvoiceNumbers() 500 when no AutoBill identified CashBox now returns a meaningful 4xx error message when a AutoBill.fetchInvoiceNumbers() call is made without supplying an AutoBill for which to fetch invoices.
CB- 28473 Email From/Reply To appending ProdTest domain when Friendly Display Text configured with From Email in Template Fixed an email address issue that appeared after upgrading mail server operating system. Domain name is no longer getting replaced accidently.
CB-29177 Confusing Invoice display in CashBox portal

An invoice that had an AutoBill.reversePayment() API call applied to it, when viewed in the Portal, was showing two Payment Reversal events under the "RECENT CHARGES/REVERSALS:" section. This duplication problem has been fixed so that only a single Payment Reversal event is now displayed.

CB-29219/CB-29032 Incorrect Earned and Unearned values on Current Liability Report for advance Invoices

The Current Liability Report was incorrectly representing Earned and Unearned values for Invoices in several scenarios (including Advance Billing)—showing, for example, an amount Earned on an Invoice that was dated in the future, which should have shown a zero amount. This has been fixed to ensure that Earned and Unearned values for Invoices in all scenarios are correctly reflected in the Current Liability Report. 

CB-29377 Some Refunds not being reflected in Current Liability or Rev Rec reports In some reporting scenarios, refunds were not properly reflecting in the Current Liability snapshot report, and in some cases the Revenue Recognition reports. This has been fixed to ensure refunds reflect properly in all supported use cases.
CB-29395 Transaction.AuthCapture gives 200 return code but does not insert Transaction due to missing SKU Previously, under some conditions, an invalid Transaction submitted for authorization without a SKU on the Transaction Item would not process (expected) but not return an error. This has been fixed. CashBox now correctly errors Transaction Items that do not have a SKU. 
CB-29447 Extra field in POST body for Push messages An extra field in the Post body was generating errors processing Push Messages. This issue has been resolved.  
CB-29551, CB-29552, CB-29553, CB-29560, CB-29504 GL Extract Report tweaks & fixes needed

A number of issues were identified and fixed with the new GL Extract report:

  • Fixed scenario which could lead to negative "revenue" or "number of applicable days" calculations
  • Fixed typos in the report headers
  • Extended several calculated fields to Invoice/Transaction Item level
  • Clarified presentation of "negative" values on credit and discount amounts
  • Various presentation errors fixed  (Service Period Start & End dates on Invoice rows, Invoice Item / Transaction Item clarity, eliminated unnecessary rows, updated currency field data).
CB-29502 AutoBill.modify 500Can't call method editAutoBillItem without a package or object reference

A 500 error code was returned when an empty AutoBillItemModifications array was passed to AutoBill.modify(). A 400 error code now correctly returns, with the message: Required parameter autoBillItemModifications and Vindicia::Soap::AutoBillItemModification type are specified, but the value is not an object.

CB-29650 Speed of Transaction.fetchByPaymentMethod()is slow

The performance of Transaction.fetchByPaymentMethod()has been improved. 

Note: in the rare cases when merchants pay customers using the destination payment method, those Transactions are not returned by this call. 

CB-29669 Account Data Change Push Notification—issues with Portal Account and Payment Method modifications When changes were made in the Portal, to the account's shipping address or payment method's billing address, CashBox was incorrectly sending an Account Data Change Push Notification. This has been fixed. CashBox now sends the applicable Push Notifications for changes made to these items from the Portal.

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