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CashBox Release Notes 21.0.3

CashBox Release Notes 21.0.3

Released 9-28-2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, or improvements.

Custom Portal Financial Reports

Enhancements to existing CashBox financial reports, and a new GL Extract Report. 

  • Invoice Aging by Invoice Date and by Due Date Reports—added the following columns:
    • — AutoBill ID
      — Account ID
      — AutoBill Status
      — AutoBill Cancel Reason
  • Transaction based Revenue Recognition Report ()—added the following columns:
    • — Accounting Period Start Date
    • — Accounting Period End Date 
    • — Report Run Date 
  • Invoice Based Revenue Recognition Report—added the following columns:
    • — Accounting Period Start Date
    • — Accounting Period End Date
    • — Report Run Date
  • Transaction Detail Report—added the following columns:
    • — Invoice Date
    • — Merchant TXB identifier
    • — Total Invoice Amount
    • — Total Invoice Amount Tax
    • — Invoice Amount Pre-Tax
  • GL Extract Report contains data intended for a General Ledger. Report data includes  Invoices and Transactions for a given period at the Invoice/Transaction level as well as at the Item level. Specifically, the following data are included:

    • — Successful recurring transactions for a given period.
      — Due Invoices for the given accounting period service period
      — Invoices from past periods
      — Paid Invoices with service period in future
      — One time transactions in the given accounting period
      — Refunds done in given accounting period
      — Invoices written off in the given accounting period
      — Partial Payments done in the given accounting period

(CB-27645, CB-28437, CB-28462, CB-28459, CB-28600, CB-28604)

Payment Integration:  GMO Online/API Processor for Credit Cards

CashBox now supports credit card and debit card processing via the GMO Payment Gateway real time/API service.


New Push Event for Invoices

A new Event, Status Changed, has been added to the Invoice Event Class. This Event is triggered by a change to the invoice status, and returns the new invoice, plus an additional section showing the old invoice status. Available only in REST format. 

Event Trigger
Status  Changed

A change in invoice status (Including when the invoice is created).

Message Content: invoice


Enhanced Push Event for Accounts

The Accounts Event Class Push Event, Data Changed, has been enhanced. This Event is now triggered by a change to any of the following Account-level data members:

  • merchantAccountId
  • parentMerchantAccountId
  • defaultCurrency
  • emailAddress
  • emailTypePreference
  • preferredLanguage
  • warnBeforeAutobilling
  • company
  • name
  • taxType

and returns the standard Push details and the full Account object, plus the original value of whatever data field was changed. 

Event Trigger
Data  Changed

An Object-level data change for a given Account. 

Message Content: Account



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-25860 Investigate AutoBill.modify() 500


When calling AutoBill.modify() with the following conditions:
  • effectiveDate = nextBill
  • changeBillingPlanTo is set with a new Billing Plan
  • the AutoBill being modified was in the middle of a retry cycle

the modify() call was causing the AutoBill to get stuck so that subsequent modify() calls on it returned the error: Still processing a previous transaction for this AutoBill. Please try modification again later.  This has been fixed. The AutoBill now responds to modify() calls in this circumstance.

CB-26624 Changes to Revenue Recognition Report in the Portal The Revenue Recognition Summary Report has been renamed the Transaction Based Revenue Recognition Report in the CashBox Portal.
CB-28662 Autobill.modify() returning incorrect product/SKU during dryrun 

An autobill.modify() call was made, with dryrun set to true, to change a product item from a monthly product to a daily product, beginning at nextBilling. In the returned AutoBill the nextBilling  item's price was correct but the product SKU was still listing the old (monthly) product instead of the new (daily) product. This has been fixed. The AutoBill now correctly returns the new product SKU.

CB-28740 Autobill.modify() call to remove product with effective today for advance billing fails with 400 return code

An autobill.modify() to remove a product with effectiveDate  = today, failed with with a 400 return code if using certain advanced billing scenarios. A correct response code is returned now on item removal with modify and MAP payment method. The refunds issued during this call with MAP, as well as   accounting for partial payments, turned out to be the result of design flaw rather than a bug in implementation.

CB-28942 RealtimePayment zero amount transactions failing with Hard Failure: Zero Amount

In some circumstances Transaction.authCapture() calls with final $0 amount were failing with 203/Hard Failure: Zero Amount(There is an invalid field being sent. Fix and resend).This has been fixed so that all Transaction.authCapture() calls with $0 amount are now routed to the Vindicia Internal Payment Processor—which, as always, returns a Vindicia Return Code that begins with VIN_ followed by the applicable return code number. 

This fix is applied to Release 16.0 only. A later ticket (CB-29485) will apply the fix to releases 17.0 and higher. 

Note to merchants:  Transactions with explicit zero-amount totals will not be sent to an external processor, to save fees and avoid confusion.  Previously there were scenarios where this was permitted, but in 16.0 and forward this will now be prohibited.

CB-29062 Unable to change the value of an existing Name-Value Pair using PaymentMethod.update or Account.updatePaymentMethod

Previously in some cases for the Payment Method Object, existing Name-Value Pairs (NVPs) could not be updated. An enhancement  has extended this functionality, which was already available for most Objects with NVPs. Also, previously it was necessary to get all NVPs before changing any of them. It is now possible to change existing NVPs without querying for them. 

CB-29094 <tpl name="expirationdate"> in cancel notification adding 10 days grace period to end date when a cancelation happens


Previously, notification emails sent to customers under some circumstance showed incorrect or outdated AutoBill expiration dates. This has been fixed. The correct expiration date is now supplied.

CB-29144 Autobills that had a transaction Hard Failure went into BILLING STATE Grace Period instead of Unusable Payment Method

When an AutoBill was in a retry cycle with a legacy status of Hard Error, it's billingState would change from Unusable PaymentMethod to Grace Period after the first retry. This has been fixed so that it transitions to a billingState of Grace Period once all retries have been completed and the AutoBill endTimestamp is still in the future.



HOA post value returns unexpected characters

Questions have arisen about the correct way to indicate that HOA form data have been UTF8 encoded. To ensure optimal compatibility with Vindicia HOA form handling, set the enctype attribute on the form to 'multipart/form-data'.

CB-29349 Phone Number Search not working Searches on Accounts by the telephone number associated with the Shipping Address on the CashBox Portal Accounts Detail page were returning no results. This has been fixed. 
CB-29378 Dashboard data graphs: No data based on search criteria A bug introduced in Release 21.0.2 was causing the Dashboards on the main landing page in the Portal to return no data. This has been fixed.

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