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CashBox Release Notes 21.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 21.0.2

Released September 7, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, and improvements.

Added Search on Accounts by telephone number in Portal

CashBox now displays the telephone number associated with the Shipping Address on the CashBox Portal Accounts Detail page, and has added a search option for Shipping Contact Phone to the Accounts search options dialog.


Support ACH through USBank

CashBox now supports ACH Payments via US Bank. ACH payments are electronic direct debits - payments created with customer consent to debit their checking or saving accounts for bill payment.


New Push Event for Accounts

A new Event, Data Changed, has been added to the Accounts Event Class. This Event is triggered by a change to the Account name or emailAddress at the Account Object level, and returns the new changed Account, plus an additional section for each element changed, showing the old value. This enables you to keep your CRM and other systems up to date without polling.

Event Trigger
Data Changed

Name or Email Address change on an account.  In subsequent releases, this scope will be increased such that any Account Object-level data change will trigger the push notice.

Message Content: account



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release. 

Ticket No.  Summary Description
CB-28463 Prodtest issue:  Difference in behavior observed in some HOA WebSession results (PRODTEST only) When using WebSessions to make an Account.updatePaymentMethod() call, under certain conditions a value of "0000" was being returned for the lastDigits field of a credit card even though the correct credit card number was saved and could be billed correctly. This cosmetic issue with the lastDigits field has been fixed.
CB-28735 Reversed payment amount added to invoice current balance when customer overpaid


When using the API call AutoBill.reversePayment() to reverse a payment made against an Invoice, the amount that was reversed could be incorrectly added to the original balance on the Invoice when fetching the Invoice details.  The result was an Invoice showing a balance greater than it should be.  This has been fixed.
CB-28914 Could not save Transaction when redeeming campaign code


Previously, when a merchant sent a Transaction AuthCapture without a Merchant Transaction ID, when redeeming a campaign code, CashBox returned a 400 error code. Now, when the merchant fails to provide a Transaction ID in this case, CashBox accepts the Transaction without a merchant-specified ID.  Such Transactions must be referenced by VID.

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