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CashBox Release Notes 21.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 21.0.1

Released August 3, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, and improvements.

Direct Integration with CheckSavers

Cashbox now supports one time and recurring billing using Check21 payment method (also called ICL or Demand Draft or C21) via CheckSavers. CheckSavers makes use of a patented technology to post payments directly into any domestic bank in USA. 


New Push Event for Transaction event-class

A new Event—Capture Reversed—has been added the Transaction Event Class. This Event is triggered when a Transaction's Status changes from Captured to Canceled, or any status other than Refunded.


External tax calculation alert/error messages


To provide merchants with additional details on any tax-related notifications received from the provider during calculation, all external tax calculation alerts and error messages are now presented on the resulting Transaction as name-values.



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release. 

Ticket No.  Summary Description
CB-22971 Country column present in scheduled report but missing from ad-hoc version (Transaction Refund Detail) The Country column was missing in the on-demand version of the Transaction Refund Detail Report though present in the scheduled version of the report. This has been fixed. 
CB-27456 Reverse Payment button on Invoice Detail page in CashBox Portal not working When an AutoBill was paid using MAP, attempting to reverse the payment in the CashBox Portal resulted in either an error or disconnection from the Portal. This has been fixed. 
CB-27980 When an advance billing AutoBill was canceled with settlement, only the future start invoice was credited When an AutoBill with billingRule=Advance was canceled with settlement, only the future start invoice was fully credited, and no prorated credit was issued for the invoice covering the current service period. This has been fixed. AutoBill.cancel() has been updated for advance and arrears behavior. 
CB-28024 Behavioral gaps in AutoBill.modify() handling of advance/arrears billing scenarios

Some behavioral gaps were found in the way advance billing was handled with AutoBill.modify() calls for an effective date of today for both Product item changes and Billing Plan changes. These have been resolved. 

CB-28219 CashBox is not expiring/voiding as many auths as it should be


A  bug in CashBox that was preventing some transactions in Authorized and AuthorizedForValidation status from transitioning to AuthExpired and Void status. This has been fixed. Merchants might notice an increase in the number of transactions being expired/voided.

Advance billed invoices could show inconsistent time stamps for migrated AutoBills prior to billing/payment


An inconsistency in populating the service period dates and related time stamps for migrated AutoBills using the Advance billing rule, affected a small number of potential subscriptions. This has been resolved. The problem was limited in scope to migrated AutoBills using Advance billing and did not affect any production subscriptions.
CB-28353 AutoBill.settlementQuote() inexplicably returned 403 ("Settlement quote failed") error for a migrated MAP AutoBill with Advance billing


Fixed a bug in the CashBox cancelation flow for a migrated MAP AutoBill with Advance billing that had two outstanding invoices, one for the current month and one for the next month. The AutoBill.settlementQuote() call resulted in a 403 error. AutoBill.settlementQuote()  now correctly returns the amount for the remaining balance of the current invoice.

CB-28369 Some AutoBill.migrate() calls failed with a 500 return code

Migration failed with a 500 Return Code when attempting to re-migrate some subscriptions (AutoBills) that did not migrate on a first attempt. This has been fixed

CB-28375 Problems preventing, defining and using Externally tokenized cards in CashBox SOAP API Some problems with setting a payment method "type" were causing CashBox to consider the externalToken "null." This has been resolved. 


Failed partial payment made using credit card payment method against invoice

AutoBills with a Merchant Accepted Payment payment method with Chase Paymentech as the payment processor were returning an Invalid Division Number error when calling AutoBill.makePayment() if passing in a new CreditCard payment method (one-time use for the the ad hoc payment). This has been fixed.


AutoBill.modify() fails with return code 500 "Process Failed" in Prodtest and Production

The AutoBill.modify() call was returning a 500 error code when using a MAP payment method on an AutoBill with advance billing and the modify() call results in a refund to the customer. This has been fixed. The AutoBill.modify() call now completes successfully.

CB-28458 Edgil with tokens - account.updatePaymentMethod failing with 500 Internal Error if used with validate or catchup

When using either validate or catchup with  Account.updatePaymentMethod() with an externally tokenized credit card, CashBox was failing with a 500 internal error. This has been fixed. 

CB-28489 CashBox did not calculate prorated refund amount correctly for Advance billing AutoBill canceled with settlement

CashBox calculated a prorated refund against the previous month's payment and issued the refund, also, against the previous month's payment. This has been fixed. 

CB-28508 AutoBill Item Service Period End Date showing prior to Service Period Start Date  When calling AutoBill.modify() to change the Billing Plan on an AutoBill that had a terminal Billing Plan, the service period dates of the next billing were not updated to match the new billing period. This has been fixed.
CB-28512 Credit Card payment for invoice failed: Failed to make payment: No Transaction Billing objects which can accept payment were found

A bug in AutoBill.makePayment() caused a payment to fail even though the invoice was eligible for payment, in some cases where a prior payment attempt had legitimately failed. This has been fixed.

CB-28541 Performance issue with reverse payment link in Portal Performance of the payment reversal process in the Portal, and of AutoBill.reversePayment() in the API, has been improved.
CB-28634 Cannot connect to PayPal in Prodtest due to disabled HTTP GET requests


PayPal implementation has been updated to make HTTP POST requests to PayPal's API instead of HTTP GET requests. PayPal recently disabled HTTP GET in a security update to their API.
CB-28647 Editing the Product changed the Entitlement Identifier


For merchants using Ooyala Backlot Integration, the CashBox Portal was in some cases saving the merchant Entitlement Identifier incorrectly when a Product was edited and the entitlement was fetched from Ooyala under certain circumstances. This has been fixed. 

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