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CashBox Release Notes

CashBox Release Notes

Released July 18, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains no new features.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release. 

Ticket No.  Summary Description


Orbital tests failing due to conflicts between upgraded Paymentech SDK and upgraded HTTPD 

Corrected some issues that were causing Orbital Transactions to fail under some circumstances.  Discovered in QA/Test.

CB-28609, CB-28382 Making a partial payment against a MAP-billed AutoBill failing when a Credit Card is used. Fixed a bug with AutoBill.makePayment() for AutoBills that have a MAP (Pay by Invoice) payment method and use Chase Paymentech as the payment processor.  When using a Credit Card to make a payment against an invoice-billed subscription (that is, calling AutoBill.makePayment() and passing in a new CreditCard payment method) the call would return an Invalid Division Number error from Chase Paymentech. This prevented callers from being able to make partial payments on invoice-based subscriptions using credit cards. This has been fixed;  valid Credit Cards can be used to make payments against such subscriptions. 
CB-28609, CB-28451
Custom credit reason not displaying on returned Transaction line item description (when consumed) when using AutoBill.fetchDailyInvoiceBillings() method.

Merchants may specify, via merchant configuration option, to have credit "reason" display in place of the consumed credits description field (for display to end customers) on resulting transactions.  This was not happening for the invoices returned as Transaction objects for the SOAP method, AutoBill.fetchDailyInvoiceBillings().  The system-generated default description was used instead.  This has been corrected, so for merchants with the appropriate configuration option, the "reason" field will now display on the credit line item as the description.