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CashBox Release Notes 20.0.5

CashBox Release Notes 20.0.5


New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

Renewal Performance Report

This report shows the renewal rate of subscriptions by Billing Plan and Primary Product by monthly periods. The report includes details such as  the expected number of renewals, successful renewals, pending-scheduled renewals, and the current Renewal Rate per period for Billing Plan and Primary Product. This report can be scheduled or run on-demand, for a past, present or future period.


Enhanced HOA (2.0) with Hosted Fields Month/Year input fields

The HOA w/ Hosted Fields form option for credit card expiration date have been enhanced to add the option of text input boxes for Month and Year. The format for Month is MM. The format for Year can be either YYYY or YY. The default is YYYY.



Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release. 

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-23184 AutoBill.update() call returning 500 error response when dryrun = true and no merchantAutoBillId was specified.

Dry runs using AutoBill.update() to create or update AutoBills were requiring a merchantAutoBillId value, which resulted in a 500 error response when missing.  This has been updated to permit doing dry run calls to autobill.update() without having to specify an autobill identifier (merchantAutoBillId).   This will now support simulating the creation or permitted update to a subscription (AutoBill) without having to assign a unique identifier for it.

CB-24794 AutoBill.update() resulting in  500 return codes when using a campaign with only an eligible billing plan and no products When a campaign was created with only eligible billing plans defined and no eligible products, an AutoBill.update() call was returning a 500 if a code was applied from that campaign. This has been fixed. Now CashBox returns a 200, and the AutoBill will be created if used with a campaign where only the assigned Billing Plan qualifies as long as the campaign is redeemed against the priced billing plan's AutoBill Item.
CB-24936 2099-01-01 date being returned for the endTimestamp in Entitlement fetches

The way CashBox handles entitlements without a definite end date has changed. 

In SOAP versions 12.0 and lower, CashBox returned a SOAP object with an undefined endTimestamp field.

In SOAP versions 13.0 and higher, CashBox returned the date: 2099-01-01 (an alias for infinite).

In the current release, and going forward, for entitlements without a definite end date CashBox returns an undefined endTimestamp field in all SOAP versions.

CB-27164 AutoBill:update() call returns a 500 when an AutoBillItem is passed in without a product (expected 400) An AutoBill.update() call resulted in a 500 return code when a product was not specified on an AutoBill Item. This has been fixed—since a product is a required component, the proper error code should be 400. The call now results in a 400 return code with the message Unable to add Product: Product not specified.
CB-27102 HOA w/ Hosted Fields failing when mobile keyboard circumvents form completion.   This prevents card validation.  iOS/Mobile Safari only. In the HOA 2.0 form page on Safari version 9.3.2 (mobile), when users selected Next, rather than Done, after entering a card number, expiration date and CVN number, the fields were not validated. This has been fixed. 
CB-27173 Transaction:auth() call with dryrun=true (or 1) is not reflecting account-level credits in the transactionItems In Soap versions 4.0 through 20.0, if an Account has currency credits, calling Transaction.auth() with the dryrun flag was not applying currency credits to the resulting simulated transaction. This has been fixed. Now a TransactionItem with a sku = "VIN_Credit" will be returned on the transaction in response to the dryrun = true call.
CB-27213 HOA w/ Hosted Fields experiencing  postMessage failures under certain conditions Abort in browser related to iFrame access when using HOA w/ Hosted Fields was fixed. 
CB-27379 HOA w/ Hosted Fields: after initial failure, the iFrame form would not resubmit with new webSession VID

After an initial failure, some iFrame forms were not resubmitting with a new webSession VID. A new function resetCompleteStatus() has been created to reset the Submit button without clearing the iframe form fields. In addition, the clearData() function has been enhanced to properly adjust CSS styling.

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